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My demo began unexpectedly, with an "interactive survey" that would apparently tailor the gameplay based on my responses. For instance, I was asked, "Are you male or female?" and instructed to choose between "I would save my friends" or "I would look out for myself." While some were self-explanatory, others, such as "Movies are more frightening" versus "Games are more frightening" leave me wondering just what effect they'd have on a full playthrough. Future test drives of the same section while making different choices, unless of course the consequences of these picks won't reveal themselves until elsewhere in the bigger picture of the final game. Which, by the way, a Sony rep promises will have multiple endings and a far greater number of branching paths along the way.


"Dude, wait up!"  “哥们,等等我!

With player-controlled Ashley and Chris descending down into the depths of their cabin in search of their missing friend Sam, I descended into the basement of the house. Naturally it gets creepier as you go, with only a disturbing dollhouse – complete with disfigured dolls arranged inside to represent the aforementioned humiliating moment that the group's antagonist somehow knows about – giving you the willies on the initial floor. Well, that and the ghostly teenage girl clad in sheer white who wanders the halls.


Without spoiling too much (it would be criminal of me to ruin this scare-fest's surprises), Ashley and Chris are eventually abducted by an aggressor wearing a demonic clown mask – despite my brave attempt with Ashley to stab the kidnapper in the chest with a pair of scissors I'd picked up earlier. Both characters awoke, bound to chairs facing each other with a small table between them. On the table is a handgun. A distorted voice interrupts their terror over a speaker to announce that Chris can either kill himself or Ashley, and that the survivor will get to live. The situation is compounded by a pair of large, rotating power-saw blades hanging above their heads that begin slowly descending down (hello, Saw!). Chris tries in vain to shoot at the assembly, but to no avail. I pointed my gun at Ashley and...fade to black. Demo over. But I'm assured that anyone and everyone can die in the game, with the rest of the story being affected.


Character faces look fantastic, no doubt thanks to Killzone: SF's graphics engine.


Controls are simple, if yet somehow a bit clunky. Use Sixaxis on the Dual Shock 4 to wave Ashley's flashlight around, while X and R2 interact with objects from afar or up close, respectively. Moving with the left thumbstick and aiming the flashlight where you wanted it to go was a bit strange, but I wouldn't go so far as to call it cumbersome. And fortunately there was nary a meandering Quick-Time Event in sight. A framerate in the 20s is my only other quibble, but with the release date so far away, it's not something I'm going to stress out about at this early stage, but it's worth noting.

操作很简单,不过有点面向核心玩家。用Dual Shock 4【PS4手柄】的Sixaxis控制Ashley的手电四处查看,X和R2键分别和远处和近处的物体进行交互。用左遥杆移动并且要将手电筒指向你想要走的那个方向的设定有点奇怪,但我觉得还算不上是个拖慢游戏进程的糟糕设计。而且幸运的是我没有看到多少QTE【Quick-Time Event,快速反应事件】。20多的帧率是我剩下唯一的不满之处,不过想想离发售还有那么远,这不是这么早就要强调的地方,但值得注意一下。

Now powered by Killzone: Shadow Fall's tech and reinforced by Hollywood screenwriters and motion-captured acting performances by Heroes' Hayden Panettiere and Twilight's Rami Malik, Until Dawn's new direction is certainly a welcome one. I look forward to seeing how many in my party I can keep alive in my first playthrough...and then seeing how few I can complete it with after that.

有Killzone: Shadow Fall引擎的高科技支持,加上好莱坞剧作家以及《英雄》的Hayden Panettiere和《暮光之城》的Rami Malik 的动作捕捉演出,《黎明之前》的未来肯定是一片光明。我很想看看在我第一次玩通游戏过程中我能让几个人活下来…然后再看看在我后面玩的时候能救回多少个。

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