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Things you didn't know about bacon
For many of us, there’s nothing like the smell of bacon sizzling away in your kitchen on a Saturday morning. Or a Sunday morning. Or any day, really. Whether you like yours super crispy and served with eggs and toast or maple-glazed and wrapped around your Thanksgiving turkey, if you’re a red-blooded American you probably love this salty, cured pork. According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service, pork ranks third in U.S. meat consumption (behind beef and chicken); Americans consume about 51 pounds of pork products per person per year. It’s estimated that 18 of those pounds is in the form of bacon.


Now that we’ve established that we love to eat bacon, how much do we actually know about it?


Though there are many types of bacon eaten around the world, the word “bacon” generally refers to cured pig belly, back, or side, and it often comes from a young animal (a 6- to 7-month-old pig). Bacon that is made from a different animal (which technically isn’t bacon at all) or from a different part of the pig requires a specific name like “turkey bacon” or “pork shoulder bacon.” The most common pork bacon in the United States is what the British call “streaky bacon” — skinned, cured, and smoked pork side, so named for its distinct red and white striped appearance.

虽然世界上有许多种培根,但“培根一词主要指熏制的猪腩肉,背脊肉或五花肉,且常取自较为年轻(6至7月大)的幼猪。用其他肉类或猪其他部位的肉做的培根(严格意义上根本就不算培根了)会有另一个名字叫做“火鸡培根”或者“猪肩肉培根”。美国最常见的培根是英国人所称的“五花熏培根”(streaky bacon)——经过去皮烟熏的五花肉,之所以叫它五花肉,是因为其红白相间,条纹清晰的外观。

Regardless of where it comes from, bacon is full of smoky, salty flavor. It can be cooked and served as-is, or it can be used to enhance another dish. Chopped bacon can be cooked in a pan and used to flavor sauces, soups, pastas, and more; cooked, crumbled bacon can be added to baked goods like chocolate chip cookies or banana muffins for a savory twist on a classic sweet; and strips of bacon can be wrapped around roasts, vegetables, and fish before they’re cooked. Any way you use it, bacon will add tons of delicious flavor to your cooking; just be sure to adjust the salt in your finished dish since bacon contributes saltiness as well.


Think you know a lot about bacon? Check out these fun bacon facts and see how much you know.


1. National Bacon Day国家培根日
This unofficial holiday occurs the Saturday before Labor Day in the United States. Bacon-lovers across the country celebrate by eating and drinking bacon and bacon-inspired fare and participating in bacon-inspired activities.


2. Bacon might cure hangovers培根可以缓解宿醉

This might be the best news ever; British researchers from Newcastle University say that bacon may actually help alleviate hangovers because it contains amino acids that help replace neurotransmitters that become depleted during heavy drinking.


3.You can buy bacon cologne你可以买到培根古龙水

Cured, smoked pork has inspired a number of crazy products including a bacon-scented cologne. Created in 1920 by a Parisian butcher, this spray combines 11 essential oils with the essence of, you guessed it, bacon.


4.And bacon toothpaste培根味的牙膏

Looking to shake up your dental hygiene routine? Bacon-flavored toothpaste and dental floss can help you can achieve the perfectly smoky, salt-cured smile you’re after.
There's more to learn about bacon than you thought.
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