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101. The tall man installed a small wallet on the wall.

101. 高个男子把一小钱包安放到墙上。

102. Except dishonest ones, anyone who is honest can get honey, everyone thinks so.

102. 除了不诚实的人外,任何诚实的人都能得到蜂蜜,人人都这么想。

103. The exhausted man and the trustful guy thrust a knife into the rusty crust.

103. 精疲力竭的男子和深信不疑的家伙将一把刀子刺向生锈的外壳。

104. I finally find that the financial findings are binding.

104. 我终于发现财经调查结果具有约束力。

105. At the windy window, the widow finds a blind snake winding.

105. 在当风的窗口,寡妇发现有条瞎眼蛇在游动。

106. I refuse to accuse Fuse of diffusing confusion.

106. 我拒绝控告导火索散播混乱。

107. He had an amusing excuse for executing the executive.

107. 对于处决决策人,他有一个可笑的理由。

108. At the dawn on the lawn the yawning drowned man began to frown.

108. 拂晓时在草坪上,打呵欠的溺水者开始皱眉头。

109. Mr. Brown owns the brown towels in the downtown tower.

109. 布朗先生拥有闹市区塔里的棕色毛巾。

110. Lots of pilots plot to dot the rotten robot.

110. 大批领航员策划给腐烂的机器人打点。

111. In the hot hotel the devoted voter did not notice the noticeable notebook.

111. 在炎热的旅馆里,热心的投票者没有注意到显而易见的笔记本。

112. The notorious man's noted notation denotes a notable secret.

112. 那个臭名昭著的男子的著名符号代表一个值得关注的秘密。

113. Yes, yesterday was my pay-day; I pay you the payment today.

113. 是的,昨天是我的发薪日,我今天付给你报酬。

114. Lay a layer of clay on the displayed layout before the relay race.

114. 接力赛之前在展示的陈设上铺一层黏土。

115. "The gay mayor maybe lay in the hay by the Baby bay," he says in dismay.

115. 他沮丧地说:"快活的市长大概躺在婴儿湾边上的干草中。"

116. The delayed player delegation stay on the playground.

116. 被耽搁的运动员代表团停留在操场上。

117. The X-rayed prayer preyed a gray tray.

117. 照过X光的祈祷者捕获了一个灰色盘子。

118. Anyway, the prayer swayed by me always goes away by subway.

118. 不管怎样,受我支配的祈祷者总是从地铁走向远方。

119. The chocolates on the plate stimulated my son to calculate.

119. 盘子里的巧克力鼓励了儿子进行计算。

120. One of my relatives, a late translator, translated a book relating to public relations.

120. 我的一位亲戚,一个已故翻译,翻译了一本有关公共关系的书。

121. He relates that he is isolated from his relatives.

121. 他叙述说他与亲戚们隔离开了。

122. The educator located the local location allocated to him.

122. 教育家定出了分配给他的局部的位置。

123. Comply with the compatible rule of complement when using compliments.

123. 使用问候语时遵守补语的相容规则。

124. The complicated indicator is dedicated to the delicate delicious machine.

124. 这个复杂的指示器被奉献给精密而美妙的机器。

125. Likewise, my bike gave a striking strike to the two men alike.

125. 同样,我的自行车给那两个相象的人惊人的打击。

126. The smoke choked the joking stroker at one stroke.

126. 烟一下呛住了开玩笑的抚摩者。

127. Somewhere somebody sometimes does something good.

127. 在某处某人有时做某些好事。

128. Wherever I go, nowhere I like; I dislike everywhere.

128. 无论我到哪里,没有哪里为我喜欢,我讨厌每一个地方。

129. Therefore, the atmosphere is merely a sphere.

129. 因此大气层只不过是一个球体。

130. The funny cunning runner uses his gum gun before sunrise or after sunset.

130. 滑稽乖巧的赛跑者在日出之前或日落之后使用胶皮枪。

131. The applause paused because of the cause caused by a cautious plausible clause.

131. 掌声停了是因为一条谨慎的似乎有理的条款引起的原因。

132. The county councilor encountered the accountant at the counter of a countryside shop.

132. 县委委员在一乡村商店的柜台边碰到了会计师。

133. I mounted the mountain and found a fountain with large amount of water.

133. 我登上那座山发现一个水量很大的喷泉。

134. Step by step, the sleepy creeper crawled into my sleeve to sleep.

134. 昏昏欲睡的爬虫一步一步爬进我的袖子里睡觉。

135. After a deep sleep, the weeping sweeper keeps on peeping the sheep on the steep.

135. 酣睡之后,哭泣的清扫者继续窥视峭壁上的羊。

136. The vice-adviser advised the reviser to devise a device for getting rid of vice.

136. 代理顾问建议校订者想出一个根除恶习的计策。

137. The wise man used his wisdom in the vertical advertisement device.

137. 聪明人把智慧用在垂直的广告装置上。

138. With rhythm, the arithmetic teacher put the artist's artificial articles on the vehicle.

138. 算术老师把艺术家的人造物品有节奏地放到运载工具里。

139. The smart star starts to make cart chart for the commencement.

139. 精明的明星开始制作授学位典礼用的马车图表。

140. The lady is glad to give the salad to the sad lad on the ladder.

140. 女士乐意把色拉送给梯子上的那位悲哀的小伙子。

141. You mad madam, my dad doesn't like the bad badminton pad.

141. 你这个疯太太,我爸爸不喜欢这种坏羽毛球垫。

142. The one-legged beggar begins to beg eggs illegally.

142. 独腿乞丐开始非法讨蛋。

143. The promoter promptly made a quotation for the remote control motors.

143. 发起人立刻制了一份遥控马达的报价单。

144. Each pea and peach on the beach can be reached by the peacock.

144. 海滩上的每一颗豌豆和桃子孔雀都能触及。

145. Although the plan was thorough, it was not carried through.

145. 尽管计划很周详,但是没有得到贯彻。

146. Thoughtful men ought not to be thoughtless about the drought.

146. 体贴的人不应该对干旱考虑不周。

147. "Rough cough is tough enough," Bough said while touching the torch.

147. “剧烈咳嗽是够难以对付的,”大树枝在触摸手电筒时说道。

148. The football team stopped the steam stream with beams.

148. 足球队用横杆堵住了蒸汽流。

149. "Ice-cream!" he screamed in dream.

149. “冰淇淋!”他在梦中惊叫道。

150. For example, this simple sample similar to his can be exemplified.

150. 例如,这件与他的相似的简单样品可以作为例证。

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