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Just when I was feeling sad about this, some noise reached my ears behind my left. It was a reunite of crowd of students graduated from an art training class in 1982. There have never been so many of them meeting together since thirty years ago: they only get in touch through letter and telephone. There is nothing more exciting than a reunion after thirty years.


They chatted with each other in excitement, talking about other classmates that haven't got in touch. One said: “Among our fellow students, just that former couple Zheng and Feng haven't showed up yet.” Another answered: “I heard that Feng had come, but I haven't heard him speak yet.” Then a third person spoke to the first: “Li, you are a head of a department right now, but you still don't know how to watch your words. Feng has already had a five-year-old son, never mention those yesterday’s gossip anymore!” Just at the moment, Mr. Feng returned. He smells even smokier now. He sat down, listened quietly to those people recalling his history with the girl who plays flute.


The story-telling girl patted on my shoulder and said: “Hey, let’s sit somewhere else.” I moved to the back row without knowing what happened. I asked bewilderedly: “What's the matter?” “We’d rather leave that man alone.” She replied. “She is such a considerate girl.” I thought to myself.


So I asked her: “Is it because you saw him unhappy?” She said in despise: “I didn’t see, but you are too blunt to feel that.” This began our conversation. The world is too small. She actually knew my name, as one of her classmate was a friend of mine whom I met three years ago in a competition. While we were talking about people we both knew around the country, someone asked me in northeast accent: “Hey, excuse me. Did you study inHarbin?” I turned my head and found it was a dark-skinned fellow talking to me.


“His skin should be really dark that even I can notice that.” I thought. He asked straightforwardly: “Your name is Mo Xiaobei?” I secretly believe that I haven't met such a dark-skinned person during my one-year stay inHarbin. So I nodded and asked: “Yes, and you’re?” He said: “My name is Hei Yunpeng, you don’t know me, but I do know about you. You’re the only student inHarbinthat moved toBeijing, aren't you? I’ve heard it from Liu Changhai.”


Liu Changhai is an unadulterated northeast man. He was a tall northeast brawny on the appearance in the first place. That year I was a first-grade student inHarbin, and when we met, he was playing a kind of ball game on the playground. At the moment, I already believed he was an iron tower. Later when I heard that he was actually playing goalball in slippers that day and kicked that big heavy ball directly through a five-storey window, I thought he was extremely cool. We met each other for the second time inBeijing. He came to our school for a short-term training course in piano tuning. He was wonderfully good at playing guitar at the time, and you could feel an eruption of power every time he sang. He had a fascinating humor while speaking: he screams the brightness and heroism in a northeast man’s character. I haven’t heard of him since then, so I asked Hei Yunpeng about him. Hei Yunpeng signed and said: “He is a man with gifts. I myself learned guitar from him. It’s such a pity that he hanged himself.” I was completely stunned hearing this news, and asked him for the reason in haste.


  After returning fromBeijing, Liu Changhai successfully got an occupation in a piano factory. His job was mainly checking whether intonation of the piano was correct. After the job was settled, he began to plan for marriage. His girlfriend was his classmate, an amblyopic student. When the wedding preparation was almost done, the girl’s family suddenly asked him for one hundred and fifty thousands of bride-price to marry the girl, for the simple reason that the girl is half-blind while he was completely blind. Therefore, the girl would have to look after him, and only one hundred and fifty thousands of bride-price could reassure her mother. Liu Changhai was not born in a rich family, but anyhow he managed to get one hundred thousand Yuan. He tried to explain the situation to the girl’s family, but they insisted that there is no way marrying their girl without one hundred and fifty thousand yuan.


Liu Changhai earned about four thousand yuan per month at the piano factory. It would only take one more year, he thought, to earn the other fifty thousand yuan. He talked to the girl’s family, hoping that they would give him one more year. But they only gave him one month to round up the money, or the girl would marry someone else. And the family did begin to arrange dates for the girl one month later. When Liu Changhai came to their school to borrow some money, Hei Yunpeng said, he was too scrawny to recognize. In the end, Liu Changhai sold his guitar, and borrowed all the money that he was able to borrow: even it was only ten yuan. He rarely borrowed money from others in the past. Even when he was badly in need of money, he would borrow one or two hundred directly. If you ask him: “Here I have fifty yuan, take it!” He would say in discontent: “Piss off, shame on you to show off your fifty yuan.” Just several days before he hang himself, he said: “If I can see things, I will sell my fucking blood and kidney.” But it turned out that he sold his neither blood nor kidney, and fail to pay the one hundred and fifty thousands of bride-price.

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