Confirm an Order 确定订单

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1). Express pleasure at receiving the order
  Thank you for you order for  
  We are glad to receive your order of

 Your order of today has been received with thanks.

2). Add a favorable comment on the goods ordered     (对所订的货物进行好的评价) .  

       Our goods are of the best quality  
      We appreciate your interest in our products which are of  good quality and best price. 
      You will be happy you bought our goods. 


3). Include an assurance of prompt and careful attention.  (表示会迅速认真执行订货)   We are now arranging shipment of your goods  

 Your order has been given our careful attention.  

 We will ship your ordered goods as soon as possible. 

4). Draw attention to other products likely to be of interest. (对读者可能感兴趣的其他产品进行宣传推销)    

      For your information, we have produced several new  products   兹告知,我方又生产了一些新产品。         

     We enclose our latest catalog, if you are interested in some other items, please tell us. 


Dear Sirs

We are pleased to receive your order of 18th July for cotton prints and welcome you as one of our customers.

For goods ordered we require payment to be made by a confirmed and irrevocable letter of credit payable by draft at sight upon presentation of shipping document. Please let us know immediately whether you agree to our terms. As soon as we receive your reply in the affirmative, we shall confirm supply of the prints at the prices stated in your letter and arrange for despatch by the first available steamer upon receipt of your L/C.

When the goods reach you. We feel confident you will be completely satisfied with themat the prices offered they represent exceptional value.

As you may not be aware of the wide range of goods we deal in, we are enclosing a copy of our catalogue and hope that our handling of this first order of yours will lead to further business between us and mark the beginning of a happy working relationship.

Yours faithfully


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