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401. The beloved novelist put her lovely gloves above the stove.

401. 敬爱的小说家把她美丽的手套放在火炉上方。

402. It's proved that the approver improved waterproof roof.

402. 经证实,赞同者改善了防水屋顶。

403. In the reaction, the fraction acts as an agent.

403. 在反应中,这些碎片起一种媒介的作用。

404. Actually the actor and actress reacted actively to the activity.

404. 实际上男演员和女演员对这个活动作出了积极的反应。

405. In the racial horse-race, the white racer's race-horse won.

405. 在种族赛马运动中,白人赛手的马获胜。

406. I feel a trace of disgrace for the gracious man's embracing her bracelet.

406. 我对仁慈男子拥抱她的手镯感到一丝耻辱。

407. The preface is written on the surface of the furnace that faces the space facilities.

407. 序言写在面对太空设施的火炉表面。

408. “In fact, some factors are unsatisfactory to the factory,” the dissatisfied manager said.

408. “事实上有些因素对工厂来说不是满意的。”不满的经理说。

409. The manufacturer manually manufactured many machines for the manufactory.

409. 制造商为工厂手工制造了很多机器。

410. The exact contact with practice has practical impact on me.

410. 同实践的密切接触对我有实际的影响。

411. To make the contract attractive, the contractorsubtracted a tractor from it.

411. 为了使合同有吸引力,承包商从中减去了一台拖拉机。

412. In this chapter, the capture characterized the characteristics of the characters.

412. 俘虏在本章描述了字符的特性。

413. The captive captivated by the apt adaptation rapped the cavity with rapture.

413. 被灵巧的改编迷住了的被捕者着迷地敲打空腔。

414. I'm in charge of discharging a large amount of charcoal and coal at the coal mine.

414. 我负责在煤矿卸一大堆木炭和煤。

415. With shortcomings overcome, the outcome become welcome.

415. 随着缺点被克服,结果变得受欢迎。

416. At the station the statesman hesitates to state the status of the statue.

416. 在车站政治家不愿陈述雕像的状况。

417. The limitation on the imitations is preliminarily eliminated.

417. 对模仿的限制初步被消除。

418. The unconventional convention put many people toinconvenience.

418. 那个不合惯例的大会使很多人感到不便。

419. The ventilator inventor's adventure prevented him from venturing revenge.

419. 通风机发明家的奇遇阻止了他冒险复仇。

420. Even the evening event couldn't eventually spoil the joy of the New Year's Eve.

420. 即便是傍晚的事件最终也无损除夕的欢乐。

421. After an explosion the explorer restored the storage of the explosive in theexploiter's storehouse.

421. 爆炸过后勘探者恢复了剥削者的仓库里炸药的储量。

422. The sore is orally ignored by the ignorant immoral man.

422. 疮痛被无知的不道德者口头忽视了。

423. The boring boy bored ashore for ore core at the score.

423. 讨厌的男孩在海岸上的刻线处钻探矿核。

424. In the famine I got familiar with this famous family name/surname.

424. 在饥荒中,我熟悉了这个有名的姓。

425. The tame tigers play the same game on the frame.

425. 温顺的老虎在框架上玩同一游戏。

426. The shameless lame man is to blame for the flaming frame.

426. 无耻的跛子应为燃烧的框架负责。

427. The plain woman explained to me why she complained about the chain.

427. 长相平平的女人向我解释她为什么抱怨那条链子。

428. After the entertainment the captain obtained an entrance fee.

428. 娱乐表演之后,船长获得了一笔入场费。

429. It's ascertained that the certificate is behind the curtain of the stainless steel container.

429. 经查实证书在不锈钢容器的帘子后面。

430. In the building, the wild child hurt his mild chin on the china.

430. 在大楼里,那个粗野的孩子在瓷器上弄伤了温柔的下巴。

431. The feeble man feels an ache on his heels and knees when he kneels on the steel steering wheel.

431. 当虚弱男子跪在钢舵轮上时他的脚跟和双膝感到疼痛。

432. The bee paid the fee of coffee, beef and beer for the cheerful deer.

432. 蜜蜂为欢快的鹿付了咖啡、牛肉和啤酒的费用。

433. To the ants, the infant elephant is a giant in the plantation.

433. 对蚂蚁们来说,幼小的大象是种植园里的庞然大物。

434. The merciful merchant wants to grant some merchandise to the panting immigrants.

434. 仁慈的商人要给喘气的移民们一些商品。

435. The lengthened long fishing rod alongside the lake belongs to me.

435. 靠在湖边的加长长钓竿属于我。

436. The strong man among us strongly hates the wrongdoing.

436. 我们当中的壮汉强烈憎恶这件坏事。

437. In occasional case the phrase emphasizes the importance of the phase to the laser.

437. 在偶然情况下该短句强调了相位对于激光的重要性。

438. Based on the basic case, the purchaser found the vase in the basin in the basement.

438. 根据这个基本情况,购买者在地下室的盆子里找到了花瓶。

439. On the camp of the campus the campaign champion put the camera on the camel.

439. 在校园的营地上运动冠军将摄影机放在骆驼上。

440. He stamped on the stamps and slammed the lamp on the damp dam.

440. 他用脚踩邮票并将灯砰地摔在潮湿的坝上。

441. When the boat floats through the throat, the goat in overcoat goes to the goal.

441. 当船漂过狭口时,穿大衣的山羊朝目标走去。

442. The competitor is compelled to complete the competition.

442. 竞争者被迫完成了比赛。

443. I'm perplexed by the flexible complex index of sex and age.

443. 我被灵活复杂的性别与年龄索引迷惑住了。

444. Since then the sincere princess has known the principal principle.

444. 从那时起诚实的公主就知道该主要原理。

445. The bead is put on the forehead of the dead shepherd ahead of the herd.

445. 珠子被戴在牧群前面的死牧羊人的前额上。

446. The misleader let me use the lead instead of the unsteady metal.

446. 误导者让我用铅代替不稳定的金属。

447. The reader already readily spread the thread on the ready-made bread.

447. 那位读者已经欣然将丝线铺散在现成的面包上。

448. "Ten percent of the cents are made in recent centuries," he said with strong accent.

448. “百分之十的分币是最近几个世纪制造的,”他带着浓重的口音说。

449. The neutral scent of kerosene is concentrated in the center of the scene.

449. 煤油的中性气味在场景中心被浓缩。

450. Those innocent adolescents ascending the hill are the tribe's descendants of decentdescent.

450. 这些爬山的天真青少年是这个部落具有正派血统的后代。

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