【双语阅读】生命中的四位爱人(The four Wives )

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    There was a rich merchant who had 4 wives. He loved the 4th wife the most and adorned her with rich robes and treated her to delicacies. He took great care of her and gave her nothing but the best.



  He also loved the 3rd wife very much. He’s very proud of her and always wanted to show off her to his friends. However, the merchant is always in great fear that she might run away with some other men. 

  商人也很爱第三位老婆。他为她感到骄傲,并常把她作为在朋友面前炫耀的资本。但他同时也忧心忡忡,怕她与其他男人跑了。 本文来自:英语之家

  He too, loved his 2nd wife. She is a very considerate person, always patient and in fact is the merchant’s confidante. Whenever the merchant faced some problems, he always turned to his 2nd wife and she would always help him out and tide him through difficult times. 


  Now, the merchant’s 1st wife is a very loyal partner and has made great contributions in maintaining his wealth and business as well as taking care of the household. However, the merchant did not love the first wife and although she loved him deeply, he hardly took notice of her. 

  至于大老婆,她是一位忠诚的伴侣,替他照料生意、打理家务,忙里忙外,可谓劳苦功高。然而,尽管她爱得这么深,商人却偏不钟情于她,甚至没把她放在心上。 内容来自www.yingyuzhijia.com

  One day, the merchant fell ill. Before long, he knew that he was going to die soon. He thought of his luxurious life and told himself, “Now I have 4 wives with me. But when I die, I’ll be alone. How lonely I’ll be!”


  Thus, he asked the 4th wife, “I loved you most, and owed you with the finest clothing and showered great care over you. Now that I’m dying, will you follow me and keep me company?” “No way!” replied the 4th wife and she walked away without another word.


  The answer cut like a sharp knife right into the merchant’s heart. The sad merchant then asked the 3rd wife, “I have loved you so much for all my life. Now that I’m dying, will you follow me and keep me company?” “No!” replied the 3rd wife. “Life is so good over here! I’m going to remarry when you die!” The merchant’s heart sank and turned cold.


  He then asked the 2nd wife, “I always turned to you for help and you’ve always helped me out. Now I need your help again. When I die, will you follow me and keep me company?” “I’m sorry, I can’t help you out this time!” replied the 2nd wife. “At the very most, I can only send you to your grave.” The answer came like a bolt of thunder and the merchant was devastated.

    他再转向二老婆,问道:“我过去常常求助于你,你也总能为我排忧解难。现在我想再请你帮一次忙。我死后,你愿意随 我而去,与我相伴吗?”“很抱歉,这一次我帮不了你,”她说,“我最多只能让你入土为安。”这句话犹如晴天霹雳,商人彻底绝望了。

  Then a voice called out: “I’ll leave with you. I’ll follow you no matter where you go.” The merchant looked up and there was his first wife. She was so skinny, almost like she suffered from malnutrition. Greatly grieved, the merchant said, “I should have taken much better care of you while I could have!”


  Actually, we all have 4 wives in our lives


  The 4th wife is our body. No matter how much time and effort we lavish in making it look good, it’ll leave us when we die. 

  小老婆代表我们的躯体。无论我们花费多少的时间和精力想去装扮她,我们死后它终会弃我们而去。 本文来自:英语之家

  Our 3rd wife is our possessions, status and wealth. When we die, they all go to others. 本文来自:英语之家


  The 2nd wife is our family and friends. No matter how close they had been there for us when we’re alive, the furthest they can stay by us is up to the grave. 


  The 1st wife is in fact our soul, often neglected in our pursuit of material, wealth and sensual pleasure. 


  Guess what? It is actually the only thing that follows us wherever we go. Perhaps it’s a good idea to cultivate and strengthen it now rather than to wait until we’re on our deathbed to lament.


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