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How slang is "made" bad(words) becomes good or "cool"

cool is another word for cool, but you will hear people say : "wow that's cool!" and you think, it's ice it's cool , okay . but this really beautiful car ,when I touch it's not cool, What's up. What's up is that we take words mean something in English and we make it a completely different meaning. and we use this for slang.Cool as in really really really "fantastic"

Deadly:  deadly means dead,but we say things like: " That's deadly!" . It's not dead, it just means really really really like it, we think it's really really really fantastic so you say:"Wow, that was deadly movie!".  Was it horro? no,it was calmly but it's deadly.

Wicked: wicked of course means evil,but we give it the same slang meaning to  mean awesome or  very very very fantastic. so I can say it again:"Wow,that's wicked!"Sometimes you might see it's spell the Y (Wycked) just being crazier.

Sick: sick means I don't feel well, I have an illness I'm sick. In today slang, it means  really really really awesome or cool . So you hear people saying: "That was sick!" WHAT?no,he's not sick, he's fine, he's perfectly healthy. It doesn't  mean you healthy,means you super fantastically awesome being sick.

"Killa": we actually would spell this "killer",a killer is someone who kills people which is bad,but we change the "ER"to an "A". so we can say:"Wow,that's killa!" I'm not killing people I just think it's cool.

Bad-ass: is ass a bad word? Ass is your bottom." You're a bad-ass."  this means it's really really cool. if you see a car again,"This really wow wow wow wow What a bad-ass car!" Or if you see someone's really really cool Halloween costume,you can say:" What a bad-ass costume, you look wicked.

"Da bomb": this is very very American. the"bomb" as we all know is a terrible thing, but we change "The" to "Da". we do this a lot when we speak English. "Da bomb" means good ," well she's da bomb."that means this person is very very beautiful.

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