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   《Rebecca》tells about a couple with sincere love how to overcome many obstacles and finally know the true meaning of marriage——equality,sincerity and the courage to sacrifice.In the south of France,the young girl I met the England nobleman Maximillian.They fell in love with each other at the first sight.Then they lightning flash get married.They went back to Maximillian's home——huge and beautiful and famous Manderley.Despite the luxury furnishings and groups of servants,I couldn't get used to the life style of being a noblewoman.What's worse,the housekeeper Mrs.Danvers,who came to Manderley with the former Mrs.Dewinter Rebecca,looked down on me and often casted a cold eye on me.And even the western wing room,which was Rebecca's bedroom,was still remained the shape while she was in life.All these made the new Mrs.Dewinter felt very painful.With my husband together,I found my husband sometimes in a bad mood and often lost his temper.This made me think he was missing his former wife.In order to make my husband happy,I suggested to hold a fancy dress ball and let people feel Manderley was the same as usual.In the interest of making surprise for my husband,I fell right into Mrs.Danvers's trap easily.I designed a dress exactly alike Rebecca's dress when she held the fancy dress ball before her death.When I appeared in front of my husband,he scolded me in a loud voice.Danvers alternately to tanut and jeer at me——I couldn't compare with Rebecca,Maximillian now still missed Rebecca.Danvers forced me to leave Manderley.What's worse,she even induced me to suicide by jumping off a building.

      When Rebecca's body was found,Maximillian told me the truth:Do you think I love Rebecca?Do you really think so?Rebecca was a lascivious woman.In the interest of family honor,Maximillian couldn't divorce her.Later,Rebecca became more licentious,she even took her cousin Favell to the seaside cabin to tryst.One night,Maximillian went to the cabin and reprimanded Rebecca.But Rebecca threatened him that she had pregnant and the baby would be born in Maximillian'name and grew up to succeed his property.He was extremely angry so that he shot her heart.Then he sank Rebecca's body and her ship to the sea to cover the truth.After Rebecca's body was salvaged,the director of the police office conducted an investigation.Favell accused Maximillian of murdering Rebecca.Homicide or manslaughter was uncertain.At last,through the doctor's certificate,Rebecca suicided herself because of cancer.Favell told Danvers's the truth,this jealous woman set fire to Manderley to not let Maximillian and his wife have a happy life.After that,Manderley was in ruins.I could only recall the wonderful time in my dream. 

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