【Grandma Grammar】L49 虚拟语气——虚拟语气的其他句型和用法(6)

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10、在It’s important (imperative, necessary, essential, vital, desirable, advisable, better) that…句型中,that 引导的从句用虚拟语气,即谓语动词用should + 动词原形,should可以省略。这个句型表示说话人的意见、要求等。

For example:

It is essential that there should be enough food and clothing for the winter.

It is desirable that your wedding be postponed until next July.

It is imperative that the board chairman be present at the board meeting.


May you be happy!

May you succeed!

Long live the People’s Republic ofChina!

Everybody leave the room!

You had better not resign.

I would rather not tell you.


    一种是动词用过去式,过去分词式,或过去将来式,这主要是用if…, wish, suppose的情况;

    一种是动词用should+动词原形(should可以省略),这主要用于表示建议、要求、命令等意思的动词或名词后面所接的从句,以及It is important (necessary) that…后面所接的从句;

    一种是动词用过去式,如It is (high) time (that)…和I would rather 后面的从句。同学们还可以自己总结适合自己的规律,如把虚拟语气句型可以分为用于简单句、条件状语从句、宾语从句、主语从句、表语从句、定语从句、同位语从句等。



1. The teacher demanded that the exam ___before eleven.

    a. must finish     b. would be finished    c. be finished     d. must be finished

2. She made the demand that she ____ at once.

    a. leave     b. leaves       c. left      d. to be left

3. He is talking so much aboutAmericaas if he ____ there.

    a. had been      b. has been      c. was      d. been

4. Mother insisted that the child’s hands ___ before dinner.

    a. should wash    b. be washed     c. would wash    d. had washed

5. The young man insisted that he ___ nothing wrong and ____ free.

    a. did; set     b. had done; should be set     c. do; be set     d. had done; must be set

6. Mother suggested that I ___ my homework first before watching TV.

    a. did    b. do   c. shall do    d. have done

7. My suggestion was that the meeting ____ off till next week.

    a. to put    b. be put    c. should put   d. be putting

8. The suggestion has been made ___the basketball game ___ put off.

    a. for; to    b. that; be    c. which; should be     d. to; being

9. The commander ordered that the wounded ___ to hospital right away.

    a. to be sent   b. be sent    c. send     d. should send

10. The order came that the medical suppliers ____ to the village without delay.

    a. would be sent    b. should send     c. be sent    d. must be sent

11. They requested that he ____ on the radio

    a. spoke    b. speaks    c. speak     d. would speak

12. It is important that we ___ wild animals.

    a. will protect   b. should protect    c. shall protect    d. are protecting

13. It is necessary that the problem ____ at once.

    a. solves     b. should solve    c. should be solved   d. will be solved

14. It is strange that he ____ interest in much of his research.

    a. should have lost   b. would lose   c. had lost    d. will lose

15. Had you listened to the doctor, you ___ all right now.

    a. are   b. were   c. would be  d. would have been

16. ___ I be free tomorrow, I could go with you.

    a. Could    b. Should    c. Might    d. Must

17. ___ to do the work, I should do it some other way.

    a. If were I  B. I were   c. Were I   d. Was I

18. ___ today, he would get there by Friday.

    a. Would he leave    b. Was he leaving    c. Were he to leave   d. If he leave

19. ____ your letter, I would have written back two days ago.

    a. If I received    b. Should I receive    c. Had I received    d. If I could have received

20. ____, he would have passed the exam.

    a. If he were to study       b. If he studied hard

    c. Had he studied hard      d. Should he study hard



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