Pride and Prejudice 2/12

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‘I am very surprised,my dear,’said Mrs Bennet,‘that you should be so ready to think your own children silly.As it hap- pens, they are all very clever.’

  ‘That is the only point,I think, on which we do not agree.I am afraid I must say that I consider our two youngest daugh- ters unusually foolish.’

  ‘My dear Mr Bennet, you mustn't expect such young girls to have the common sense of their father or mother.I remem- ber when I used to like a red coat myself, and indeed I still do.If a good-looking officer with five or six thousand a year want- ed to marry one of my girls, I wouldn't turn him down.And I thought Colonel Forster looked very handsome last night at Sir William's,in his regimental uniform.’

  Just then a servant entered with a note for Jane, which had come from Netherfield.Mrs Bennet's eyes shone with pleasure and she called out eagerly, while her daughter was reading it,‘Well,Jane, who is it from? What does he say?Tell us, tell us quickly,my love!’

  ‘It's from Miss Bingley,’said Jane.‘She invites me to din- ner at Netherfield,as she and her sister are alone.It seems her brother and the gentlemen are having dinner with the officers,in Meryton.’

  ‘With the officers!’cried Lydia.‘I wonder why aunt Philips didn't tell us that!’

  ‘Having dinner in Meryton,’repeated Mrs Bennet, shaking her head.‘That's very unlucky.’
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