Pride and Prejudice 2/12

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But Elizabeth felt really anxious,and was determined to go to her sister.As the carriage was not available, and she was not keen on riding, she decided to walk the five kilometres to Netherfield.Kitty and Lydia accompanied her as far as Mery- ton, where they went to visit one of the officers’wives.Eliza- beth continued alone, crossing field after field and jumping im- patiently over streams, in her anxiety to see her sister.

  When she arrived at Netherfield,with tired feet,muddy stockings and a face healthily pink with exercise, she was shown straight into the sitting-room. The two sisters, Miss Bingley and Mrs Hurst,could hardly believe that she had come so far alone and on foot in such bad weather, but they received her politely. Their brother, however, was more than polite: he was kind and considerate towards her.Mr Darcy said very little,hesitating between admiration of her healthy good looks and doubt whether she should have come such a distance alone.Mr Hurst said nothing at all,as he was thinking only of his breakfast.

  Elizabeth was glad to be taken almost immediately to her sister's room, where she found Jane delighted to see her, but very feverish and unwell.The doctor came, and after examining his patient, advised that she should stay in bed and take some medicine.Elizabeth stayed with her all day,looking after her,and the Bingley sisters also spent some time in the patient's room.However,in the afternoon, when it was time for Eliza- beth to leave,Jane seemed so upset that Miss Bingley was obliged to invite Elizabeth to stay at Netherfield for the present,and a servant was sent to Longbourn to inform the Bennet family and bring back some clothes.
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