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About Time

If time could be turned back, I would made arduous efforts. If time could be turned back, I would corrected those mistakes. If time could be turned back, I would rather lived in cracker-barrel than untruthful. What if time really could be turned back? People must be tired and get worse and worse. Because everybody knows that they can change their experience by themselves. History, legend and miracle would be no longer in existence. The more horrible is that no more experiences are being memorable.

With the assistance of the natural, time is everlasting, which is no pause, no reverse, and on live all the time. Therefore, everyone is a storybook, every day is a new movie. We are director, we are protagonist. To be aggressive or to be degenerate is all up to us. Time is impartial to everyone, we cannot pause it but we can make good use of it. For instance, someone always can study hard, keep to do sports and full of thankfulness. Just because of this, our world is full of fantastic, unforgettable and affecting things.

Time, what a wonderful things, we are unable to caught it and touch it but can feel it and experience it. Wish we can experience the life earnestly. Wish we can grow with a pleasant mature attitude.

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