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When the Berlin Wall was collapsed, when the Moscow lowered the red flag in the sky, the obstacles of the globalization had been removed, and the tension and pressure of the confrontation had been released in the new millennium. A new era commences enhancing the atmosphere of democracy.

 As a saying goes, "The totalitarian time is passing, and its old ideas blown away like leaves from an ancient lifeless tree. " 

Generally speaking, most of us usually realize how fast the speed of time is, which stands for the tide of developments in such science and technology, Internet, e-commerce and so on, but where we neglect the weight of time. Actually, the changes of world results not only in the quick advance, but also in the heavy pressure of reform or even revolution, which request breaking down the old-fashion system of the unfair and injustice political, economical, cultural and social pressures and limitations and then building up a new one. 

It signifies that those authorities who used to take strict control of the membership of community have to face with the challenges and change the verdicts and politics. Meanwhile those who used to surrender to unfair and injustice political, economical, cultural and social pressures should revolt and take actions to struggle for their civil rights. 

Pressing by the weight of the new era, it requests to cultivate new people in education, so that the reform of the Entrance Examination comes to first, especially in the English test. It should be taken into account whether it is rational to investigate more money and time into the English examination while the ability of using English still stick to the limited situation. Our students are forced to learn English from their primary school or even from their kindergarten. Although most of us spend more time energies and money in learning English, in fact we are probably familiar with dealing with writing simple articles or doing some reading exercises, but we still lack of the capabilities to communicate with others especially the foreign people in real lives or independently finish a piece of application. That's not only a common reality but a serious problem that whether the English learning is necessary and valuable to be acquired by every individual and benefit most of us in dairy area. Education should be reformed so that it can keep up with the development and need of our society. 

If the new era were a river, whether being pressed under the bottom of the bank or take advantage of its flowage over the flow, that is the question. No change, no survival. Are you ready?

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