Pride and prejudice 2/12

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That evening Elizabeth went down to dinner,leaving Jane in bed in her room.She noticed the Bingley sisters’apparent con- cern for Jane change to indifference in a few moments, and knew she had been right to dislike them at first sight. Mr Bingley, indeed, was the only one of the group whose behaviour she was satisfied with. His anxiety for Jane was evident, and his politeness towards herself most pleasing. But the others, she felt, treated her as an unwelcome guest. Miss Bingley was con- centrating all her attention on Mr Darcy, and Mrs Hurst also joined in their conversation,while Mr Hurst was only interest- ed in eating, drinking and playing cards.

  When Elizabeth left the room after dinner to see if Jane needed anything,Miss Bingley at once began to criticize her.

  ‘What bad manners she has!She's both proud, and lacking in politeness to her superiors!She has no conversation, no ele- gance and no beauty!’

  Mrs Hurst agreed, and added,‘She has no good qualities,ex- cept that she's an excellent walker. I’ll never forget her ap- pearance this morning.She really looked almost wild.’

  ‘She did indeed,Louisa.How silly of her to come at all!Why must she run around the countryside,just because her sis- ter has a cold? Her hair looked so untidy! And her dress!Simply covereb in mud!’
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