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I often have all kinds of dreams every day—good or bad, true or false—but sadly they all always vanish soon after I wake up. What if I can make sweet dreams and also have the power to pause, rewind or exit them? What if I can play against time to weave my dreams and design their plot myself? What if a device can be invented that made all these miracles into realities? If so, thanks to the magic of time, dreams turn into a fantastic mode of entertainment, a savior of life troubles and a huge impact of future landscape. Having this wild thought in my mind, I begin to wonder what I will do if I can travel through time in my dreams as various scenes pop up in my head.

If I can travel through time, I want to travel back several years ago when I had quarreled with one of my friends. Back then we became total strangers for the dispute over characters and lines in school’s drama competition. We had no words with each other after that and I just couldn’t find the right timing to fix it before we were miles apart. Hopefully I can make sincere apologies and we can resume our friendship once again.

If I can travel through time, I want to travel back a decade ago when I can still enjoy the smiles on my grandma’s face. Buried in the ocean of books, exercises and exams in my school days, I had little time to relish accompany of my kind and loving grandma before she went to sleep forever. Hopefully this time I can take time to hang out with her, show her the latest development in her beloved hometown and tell her my life stories these ten years.

If I can travel through time, I want to travel back seventy years ago when I can witness with my own true eyes the savagery of war and the brutality of Japanese soldiers. Instead of being the bystander of this humiliating history, I am keen in experiencing the war with my profound patriotism. Hopefully I can bravely fight against the enemy and provide basic supplies for those heroes, making my own contribution in the final victory.

If I can travel through time, I want to travel forward twenty years from now when I will be at heyday in my career. With a crazy love for those eloquent speeches and elegant styles by those diplomats, my dream of being one of them comes true at last. Travelling around the world and representing my beloved motherland for the ultimate goal of universal peace and harmony, I am confident I will enjoy my job and have good times communicating with the world beyond.

If I can travel through time, I want to travel forward a hundred years from now when people’s lives become more and more cozy and comfortable. Thanks to the fast-changing technology, I will savor warm and complete services such as reading books, cooking meals and driving cars provided by various sophisticated robots with a positive and upbeat attitude for life.

You may say I am wild, I am crazy, or I am unrealistic. But who knows? What seems impossible one day may become indispensable the next. Time is the catalyst. Let's just wait and see. 

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