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I put away my coffee mug

put off my cigarette in the ashtray

And lay back a little into the chair

This may sound artificial

But it's true and  still seems to be a nice start

I feel sore in my both legs

Riding bicycle too much recently

Never mind, I just need to focus on something else

So I am here listening to some music

And trying to write down something instead

Maybe I'm just too boring

Nothing to do sometimes doesn't seem to be nice at all

No, I got things

I'm just too lazy to do it

Some people say time is the most valuable thing in the world

But I do not agree

It seems that time is the only thing I could waste nowadays

To be honest, I am trying my best to find a nice way to kill my abundant time for money

Yeah, I mean as a graduate I have to make a living at least for myself 

Let alone a whole family in the future

Some people say selling my dreams for a meager salary is dumb thinking

But I see ordinary people are tired and panic

Fierce competition and severe environment makes them forget their high ideals for a long time

Is this the truth?

Poor people lost their noble heart

Time lowers its arrogant head to money

It seems so

But I doubt it 

Despite of  dirty deals before my eyes

I believe there still remains something beautiful in this world that we can struggle for like poetry and journey

Yeah, finally time will give me the answer.

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