【DW杯】A Letter to My EX

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       We meet in March, a fresh season. Our love is sweet from September to December. Only four months' happiness, which is enough for me however. Maybe the same to you? Nobody knows. 

       I think I'm a stonehearted man, it's a cruel fact that we have broken up. What a pity! So many times I cry to call you back, but we can not return to those happy memories. 

       Now, It's January. We did not see each other for a month. Everytime when I recalled what we had done together, I was heartbroken in tears. I would remember the first time we see the film,"Guardians of the Galaxy", of which the theme song is warm. In that small, dark but comfortable room,I touched your hand and you touched mine, our hearts are full of happiness at that moment. Yes, it's the feeling of first love, itchy and warm. Love you linger.

       Love is mixed with different kinds of flavors. Sometimes angry, sometimes bitter, sometimes sour and so on. Believe it or not, to the end, love must be sweet, because that's what we are looking forward to. 

      The following seasons, days and time, we won't be together again and again, but the deep emotion between us I will not forget. We had loved each other once, that is enough. Thank you for all. In my youthful and beautiful time we love, we are sad and we grow up together. 

      Just bury that feelings into our heart,it is quite worthy to treasure. So, let us go~ Best wishes~

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