Pride and prejudice 2/12

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‘All this she must possess,’added Darcy,‘and something more solid,the improvement of her mind by wide reading.’

  ‘I'm no longer surprised at your knowing only six accom- plished women,’said Elizabeth.‘I rather wonder at your knowing any.I've never seen such elegance, and intelligence,and knowledge, as you describe, in one woman.’

  Mrs Hurst and Miss Bingley were both protesting loudly that they knew many women like this, when Mr Hurst called their attention back to the card game.As this meant an end to the conversation, Elizabeth soon afterwards left the room.

  ‘Miss Elizabeth Bennet,’said Miss Bingley to Darcy,‘is one of those women who try to appear attractive to men by un- dervaluing other women. I think that's a mean trick.’

  ‘It is true,’said Darcy,‘that there is meanness in all the tricks used by ladies to attract men.’

  Miss Bingley was not satisfied enough with this answer to continue the conversation.

  The next morning Elizabeth was glad to be able to inform Mr Bingley and his sisters that Jane was very much better.

  In spite of this improvement, however, she asked for her mother to be sent for, as she wanted Mrs Bennet's opinion of Jane's state of health.Soon after breakfast, therefore, Mrs Bennet, accompanied by her two youngest daughters, reached Netherfield.

  Elizabeth, although relieved to hear that her mother did not think Jane's illness serious,began to regret asking her to come, when she saw the Bingley sisters smiling at Mrs Bennet's remarks.Elizabeth blushed for her mother, who could not help showing her lack of intelligence and common sense in every- thing she said.
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