Pride and prejudice 2/12

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Kitty and Lydia made an equally had impression.They had been whispering together, when suddenly Lydia,who was an attractive, confident, well-grown girl of fifteen, pushed herself rudely forward.She begged Mr Bingley to hold a ball at Netherfield. With his usual politeness, Mr Bingley promised he would,but Elizabeth saw his sisters exchanging meaningful glances.She was quite glad when her mother and sisters left.She and Jane were to stay another night at Netherfield, to allow Jane to recover completely.

  That evening Elizabeth appeared again in the sitting-room.She could not avoid noticing how frequently Mr Darcy's eyes were fixed on her, but as she felt sure that so great a man could not possibly admire her,she assumed that when he looked at her, he was criticizing her in some way.This thought did not cause her any pain, as she liked him too little to care for his ap- proval.

  In the conversations she had with him, she spoke in her usual slightly mocking manner, rather expecting to offend him,but was surprised by the quiet politeness of his replies.Darcy had never before been so charmed by any woman.He really be- lieved that if she did not have such vulgar relations, he might be in danger of falling in love with her. Miss Bingley saw or suspected enough to be jealous, and her great anxiety for the recovery of her dear friend Jane was increased by her wish to get rid of Elizabeth.
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