【Grandma Grammar】51 虚拟语气——练习(2)

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1. I wish that it is true.

2. The doctor suggests that she will not smoke.

3. She insists that they must give her a receipt.

4. Bill wished that he is more interested in his work.

5. He would be a good sportsman now if he trained regularly.

6. I wish that somebody teaches me to sew.

7. I wish that you saw the charming opera yesterday.

8. This is not my dictionary. If it is mine I will lend it to you.

9. If my watch were not slow yesterday, I would not have been late.

10. If she had worked hard enough, she would pass the English exam.

11. If we could finish our work a little earlier today, we shall go to see the film.

12. What would be happened, if there were no sun, air or water?

13. Should the weather fine, we might go on a trip.

14. If it were not rain tomorrow, they might went to the Great Wall.

15. Long lives our motherland!


21. Should it rain, the crops ___.

    a. would be saved   b. would have been saved   c. will be saved   d. had been saved

22. You ___ earlier. The bus left a moment ago.

    a. would come     b. should have come      c. may come       d. have come

23. He treated me as though ___ his own son.

    a. I am     b. I would be    c. I was     d. I were

24. He smiled as if he ____ my thought.

    a. read   b. was reading    c. had read    d. has read

25. I ____ you some money, but I hadn’t any on me then.

a. would lend    b. would have lent     c. could lend     d. may have lent

26. He talks as if he ____.

   a. knows all about it  b. has known all about it  c. knew all about it  d. knowing all about it

27. “Have you ever been to Beijing?”

      “No, but I wish I ___.”

    a. have      b. will         c. do         d. had

28. Where is Xiao Zhang? I wish I ____ him at once.

    a. can find    b. will find     c. could find   d. could have found

29. I wish I ___ there then.

    a. was       b. were        c. had been    d. would be

30. It is time we ___ to bed.

    a. must go    b. will go      c. went       d. have gone

31. If I ____ you, I would try again.

    a. am        b. was         c. were       d. be

32. _____, all the students would hear.

    a. If the teacher had spoken louder        b. If the teacher will speak louder

    c. Had the teacher spoken louder         d. If the teacher spoke louder

33. What should we do if it ____ tomorrow?

    a. should snow   b. would snow   c. snow    d. will snow

34. If you _____ 5 minutes earlier, you _____ him.

    a. should come; had seen    b. came; would see

    c. come; will see           d. had come; would have seen

35. If only I ____ my watch.

    a. hadn’t lost    b. haven’t lost     c. didn’t lose    d. don’t lose

36. You _____ such a serious mistake if you had followed his advice.

    a. may not make             b. might have not made

  c. shouldn’t have made        d. might not have made

37. He ____ the test, but he wasn’t careful enough.

    a. could have passed  b. were able to pass  c. must have passed  d. might be able to pass

38. We ____ the work on time without your help.

    a. hadn’t finished  b. didn’t have finished  

    c. couldn’t have finished  d. can’t have finished

39. If you ____ at school, you _____ a college student now.

    a. had studied hard; would have been      b. should have studied hard; should have been

    c. had studied hard; would be            d. would study hard; must have been

40. If only I ____ as young as you are!

    a. being       b. am       c. be       d. were

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