Family album USA 6-7

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OK, everybody. I want to welcome Harry and his daughter Michelle to Thanksgiving with us.
Thank you, Dr. Stewart.
Call me Philip.
But first, I think we should take a moment and remember the meaning of Thanksgiving.
Philip, I took Michelle to a school play about the first Thanksgiving.
Well, why don't you tell us about that, Michelle?
Thanksgiving was about the Pilgrims, the first settlers in America. They shared the first harvest with the Indians and gave thanks.
All right. Then in that spirit let's each of us give thanks. Each in his own way. Who wants to begin?
I will. I give thanks for being here with my family and for being well, so I can enjoy you all.
All right! We love you, Grandpa.
I'd like to give thanks for a healthy year, a good job, and for meeting Harry and Michelle.
We'd like to give thanks for meeting Susan and the Stewart family.
I love you, Daddy.
Thanks, Harry. That was very kind of you.
I'd like to give thanks for Grandpa coming to live with us. And I'd also like to thank my math teacher for giving me a passing grade and call me, Alexandra.
Oh, Robbie!
She'll call.
You go first, Marilyn.
I'm thinking. You go first.
Well, you all know I'm working on my photo album. It's not finished yet. And I'd like to thank Marilyn for being so patient.
Thanks, Richard. I should thank you for encouraging me to keep working on my fashion designs. I'm lucky to have a husband with an artistic eye.
Oh, we all have a lot to be thankful for. For the food on this table. Just like the Pilgrims.
I'll go along with that, Ellen.
Well, help me serve, Robbie.
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