【DW杯】 Only Time can Make Love Eternal

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“So long as men can breathe or eyes can see, So long lives this and this gives life to you”Shakespeare said. Our life is limited,but love will always stay young and give us courage to survive and  pursue happiness. “Ten years parted, one living, one dead;Not thinking;Yet never forgetting”. Who would believe that a poet singing “ East flows the mighty river ”could be in such great distress,and haggard with dust covering face when he thought of his dead wife. Time couldn't erase those memories of  once had being together even ten years passed by.It seemed like he could still see her siting at dressing-table by the study window .Then the tears coursed down his cheek. Love deeps at this point.Time may can change our golden faces,while true love will become eternal beauty. I always admire Lin Huiyin for her talence and personality seeking perfection. She had complicated relationships with Xu Zhimo ,Liang Sicheng and Jin Yuelin .Maybe Xu Zhimo was her first love,she loved that romantic man discussed poetry ,literature and dreams with her on Cambridge.She finally chosed a more realistic and ordinary life by marrying Liang Sicheng .Even though she had been happy for her life,Liang Sicheng married again  after her death.I think this is a kind of final betration. While the other admirer of her,Jin Yuelin chosed not to get married for his rest life even without promise.He wanted to accompany with her forever by being alone all life. Time is such miracle existence,all complications and confusion will always being cleared up,so we can finally see the truth,and only this way can we know who should be cherished. How could true love emerge without time changing?

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