Pride and Prejudice 3/12

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He read aloud the following letter:

  Dear Sir,

  The disagreement between you and my late respected fa- ther always worried me, and since his death I have frequently wished to improve the relationship between our families.Af- ter a long period of study and training I have recently become a priest,and have been fortunate enough to gain the patron- age of Lady Catherine de Bourgh, widow of Sir Lewis de Bourgh.This generous lady has given me the post of rector at Hunsford, which was luckily vacant.Hunsford is the village near her own large country house in Kent.Here I carry out the duties of my profession whenever necessary, and I take great care to behave at all times with grateful respect towards her ladyship.As a priest,moreover, I feel it my duty to encourage all families in my area of influence to live peacefully.Because of this,I flatter myself that I am acting correctly in offering you my friendship.I am of course concerned that when I even- tually inherit all your property, your daughters will doubtless be very poor,and I do apologize for this.I promise you I am ready to make amends in every possible way—but more about this later.If you do not object, I propose to visit you and your family on Monday November 18th,at four o’clock, and shall probably stay until the following Saturday week.This will cause me no inconvenience at all,as Lady Catherine is far from objecting to my occasional absence from my duties.

  I remain,dear sir,with respectful good wishes to your lady and your daughters, your friend, William Collins.
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