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Everybody knows that time will never go back. However, life can't be perfect. As a result, people never give up to dream of it. For a simplest example, those novels or movies about time travel emerge in succession and never out of date. Even if in our daily life, it's ordinary to hear somebody says " If I could go back to that time. "

To take myself as an instant, I used to imagine if time could go back, what change would take place in my life. Sometimes, I take regrets too much to heart while I change nothing about myself. Regretting of my laziness while never being hardworking; Feeling sorry for those parting friendship while never cherishing those who still love me. Doing nothing but complain that " If time could go back, those depressing things would not have happened. " In fact, almost each person might be under the same situation.

When I read a sentence a few days ago that ' Don't disturb those who only exist in your memory, since this distance is the best for you ', I realized it's doesn't matter if time could go back or not. Because it's much more important to cherish what you own now rather than submerge in regrets.

Now, before I am going to do something, I always consider "will what I am going to do bring about regret? ", because I hope I can be a person who never says " If time could go back. . . . . . "

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