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Part I Listening(第一部分听力)

I Listening comprehension(听力理解) (30)

A Listen and choose the right picture(根据你听到的内容,选出相应的图片) (6)

1._______  2. _______  3. _______  4. _______  5. _______   6. _______


B Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear(根据你听到的对话和问题,选出最恰当的答案) (10)

7. A)$700        B)$500        C)$300        D)$200

8. A)English    B)French      C)Chinese    D)Canadian

9. A)Jane’s    B)Peter’s        C)Betty’s        D)Sally’s

10.A)Father’s Day   B)Mother’s Day   C)Teachers’ Day  D)Children’s Day

11.A)He asked his teacher for help       B)He worked it out himself

    C)He asked his classmate for help. D)He found the answer from the Internet

12.A)Because Lisa’s dad is strict       B)Because he didn’t buy a gift

    C)Because Lisa’s dad doesn’t like him.    D)Because he’s never met Lisa’s dad.

13.A)Mother and son              B)Teacher and student

    C)Doctor and patient.              D)Waitress and customer

14.A)Hong Kong   B)Museums.    C)Travelling   D)Food.

15.A)In a bank   B)In a restaurant C)In a bookstore  D)In a hotel

16.A)She wants to work for MrJones B)MrJones can fix the recorder

    C)She wants to meet Mr.Jones     D)MrJones needs a recorder


C Listen to the passage and tell whether the following statements are true or false.(判断下列句子是否符合你听到的短文内容,符合的用“T”表示,不符合的用“F ”表示) (7)

17.One day, Henry took his son to the country by train

18.They stayed with a poor family to know about the life there

19.Tom told his father that he didn’t like his trip to the country   

20.There were several pet cats and dogs in Tom’s home

21.Tom’s family hung lanterns in their garden at festival times

22.People on the farm got flesh food from the supermarket

23.The writer wants to tell us to enjoy what we already have


D Listen to the passage and complete the following sentences(听短文,完成下列内容。每空格限填一词) (7)

24.Susan is a__________ schoolgirl in a small town in California

25.In her spare timeSusan likes to__________ to pop music.   

26.Susan is only__________ years old and she is good at skating.  

27.Whatever Michael teaches herSusan can do it__________   

28.After training she__________ usually plays computer games with her__________.

29.Susan prefers to__________ at home on weekends.

30.On_________ morningsSusan’s father always makes breakfast for her


Part 2 Vocabulary and Grammar(第二部分词汇和语法)

IIChoose the best answer(选择最恰当的答案) (20)

31.Perhaps the famous football star won’t play__________ football any longer

A)a             B)an                C)the               D)/

32.My parents showed__________ some old pictures that brought back sweet memories

    A)I             B)me            C)my                D)mine

33.Wow! Ten students in our class will celebrate their fourteenth birthdays__________ October!

    A)in                B)on            C)at                    D)to

34.The chemicals in the vegetables and fruit are bad__________ our health

    A) from         B)with          C)of                    D)for

35.A lot of foreigners__________ familiar with the famous places of interest in China

    A)am            B)is                C)are               D)be

36.The student didn’t find much__________ about the topic on that website

    A)report            B)article           C)information           D)story

37. __________ is waiting for you at the gate. He wants to say thanks to you.

A)Somebody      B)Anybody       C)Everybody         D)Nobody

38.—__________ have you been in the sports club?

__________Since the first month I came to the school

    A)How old       B)How long      C)How much          D)How soon   

39.My old neighbour Charles felt__________ after his children moved out

    A)lonely            B)safely            C)angrily               D)happily

40.— Must I go to medical school and be a doctor like youDad?

    — Noyou__________sonYou’re free to make your own decision

    A)can’t            B)mustn’t      C)shouldn’t            D)needn’t

41.The volunteer spoke as__________ as she could to make the visitors understand her

    A)clearly           B)more clearly      C)most clearly          D)the most clearly

42.Which do you prefer to use to keep in touch with your friendsQQ__________MSN?

    A)and           B)but           C)or                    D)so

43.I hate travelling by air__________ you usually have to wait for hours before the plane takes off.

    A)because       B)though            C)until             D)unless

44.Lookso many passengers__________ with their smart phones on the underground

    A)played            B)will play    C)are playing           D)have played

45.The schoolboy to the blind man on his Way home yesterday afternoon

    A)apologizes        B)apologized        C)will apologize        D)has apologized

46.The official said they__________ a new law to protect the tourists the next year

    A)makes         B)would make        C)made              D)have made

47.Even Tony’s granddaughtera five-year-old girlasked him__________ smoking

    A)give up       B)gave up       C)to give up            D)giving up

48.The retired couple enjoy__________ photosThey always go out with their cameras

    A)take          B)took          C)to take               D)taking

49.—Tim and I will visit the exhibition this weekendWould you like to join us?


    A)Well done.       B)That’s right  C)You’re welcome D)I’d love to

50.— We’ll study in different schools next termEnjoy your time in the new school!


    A)I’ll take your advice.          B)The same to you

    C)Congratulations!              D)Me too.


IIIComplete the following passage with the words or phrases in the boxEach can only be used once(将下列单词或词组填入空格。每空格限填词,每词只能填一次)(8)

Aresults      Boutdoor    Crecently   Dtake part in     Ewild    Fchoices     Ggo abroad       Hgently    Ioffer




IV.    Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms (用括号中所给单词    的适当形式完成下列句子。每空格限填一词) (8)

59.The prices of many__________ usually go up during festivals(flower)

60.This is the__________ time for our school to hold the robot-making contest(six)

61.I could hardly believe she had made a video about water pollution by__________(her)

62.The company hopes its new product will be__________ on the European market(success)

63.Larry has put on too much weight because of his__________ diet(healthy)

64.Jack finds it difficult to pronounce some English words__________(correct)

65.Don’t use the lift when you escape from a high__________ during a fire(build)

66.It is not wise of young people to_________ their jobs from time to time(changeable)


V Rewrite the following sentences as required (根据所给要求,改写下列句子。每空格限填一词) (14)

67.Fred plans to work in the charity hospital in the community(改为否定句)

    Fred__________ __________to work in the charity hospital in the community.

68.Jim’s office is four kilometres away from the nearest underground station(对划线部分提问)

    __________ __________is Jim’s office from the nearest underground station?

69.Though the earthquake destroyed many housespeople didn’t lose hope(改为被动语态)

Though many houses__________ __________ by the earthquake,people didn’t lose hope

70.This year’s car exhibition was very specialIt attracted many visitors(合并为一句)

    This year’s car exhibition was__________ special__________ it attracted many visitors.

71.With the help of a local guide, they reached the mountain top in the end.(保持句意基本不变)

With the help of a local guide,they reached the mountain top__________ __________

72.Our journey to Britain last summer was amazing(改为感叹句)

    __________ __________our journey toBritainlast summer was!

73.“Who is responsible for the food safety problem?’’ asked the reporter(改为宾语从句)

    The reporter asked__________ __________responsible for the food safety problem.


Part 3 Reading and Writing(第三部分读写)

VIReading comprehension(阅读理解) (50)

AChoose the best answer(根据短文内容,选择最恰当的答案)(12)

Dear Liz 

My stay in Thailand has certainly been the experience of my life 

      Life is busy and excitingBangkok is just like any other big city with a population of 10  million and heavy trafficI'm very lucky because my host family is in a nice quiet area outside  the cityThere are Mr. and Mrs. Phairat, their son Sanan, who is 18, the daughter Chinda, who  is 16, and Grandpa and Grandma  

I go to an international school with Sanan and ChindaThe school teaches about 70 percent  in Englishand 30 percent in Thai. I've learned some spoken languagebut Thai writing is very difficultThe cooking lesson is my favouriteI'm learning all about Thai food and culture People don’t use chopsticks herebut spoons and forksWhen I come backI'm going to cook you a real Thai meal   

Last weekend we visited some templesWe also drove to Pattaya beach near BangkokI  thought it was greatbut Sanan and Chinda say that next month they’re taking me to Phuket  Islandwhere the beaches are even more beautifulThe month after nextwe’re going to travel  to MrPhairats hometown in the north of ThailandThe Phairats own land thereand they  have two elephantsI’m going to ride those elephants — and even wash themSanan and  Chinda say it’s really fun   

I'm amazed by everything in this countryespecially by the elephantsElephants are an  important pan of Thai culture and way of lifeThey have been a traditional symbol(象征)of  Thailand for many years in times of war and peaceIn the seventh centurya Thai king trained 20000 elephants for battle

I’ll tell you all about my Thai boxing(拳击)lessons next time I write





 74.How many family members are there in Mandy’s host family?

A)4.               B)5           C)6           D)7

75.Mandy writes in her email that the__________ lesson is her favourite

A)Thai speaking    B)boxing        C)Thai writing    D)cooking

76.Next monthMandy is going to visit__________

A)Pattaya beach                     B)PhuketIsland    

C)Phairat’s hometown                   D)Bangkok

77.According to the e-mail__________has been a symbol of Thailand for many years.






78.From the e-mail we know that Mandy is__________ when she stays In Thailand.

A)bored             B)quiet         C)excited           D)proud

79.What is the possible subject of the e-mail?

    A)Study trip in Thai land               B)Food culture inThailand

    C)Elephant riding inThailand           D)International schools inThailand


BChoose the best words and complete the passage(选择最恰当的单词完成短文)(12)

You can reach almost any goal if you want to—but sometimes it takes great efforts to realize  your dream.

That was quite true for me.When I was 17 years oldI broke my father’s___80___He had  saved enough from an average income to send me to college to become a lawyerThree months later I was home telling him that I had left college — and for the first time I saw him ___81___.

SonI’m always going to love you even though you’ll never achieve anything’’he said with  tears(眼泪)in his eyes

When I walked out of that room,I was burning with something within my bodyNot  everyone has the chance to feel itI did not just want to___83___ I had to

    But I couldn't see how to do it and all the time my father’s words were in my mind. I become a salesperson.It was not___84___ because I knew almost nothing about marketing.

Then a man introduced me to the Edwards training course.I went and learned a lot of useful___84___I tried my best to put them to workSoon after thatI started tasting the sweet fruits of Success for the first time

Some time later,I told the manager of my company that I would like to meet with MrEdwardsThey arranged it for meWhen the day cameI told him“Mr. Edwardsmy goal is to be able to train people just as you trained me’’___85___he agreed to let me try

All that came true because I set goals to make it happen.Sticking to the goal was the most important


80.A)promise           B)record                C)heart             D)law

81.A)shout               B)cry                      C)laugh            D)relax

82.A)succeed          B)argue                  C)stop              D)move

83.A)fair                  B)easy                     C)serious         D)safe

84.A)poems            B)dialogues            C)excuses        D)skills

85.A)Luckily            B)Usually                C)Clearly          D)Suddenly


C Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words(在短文的空格内填入适当的词,使其内容通顺。每空格限填一词,首字母已给)(14)

At some time in your life,you might have a roommateIt is a good idea to share a flatespecially for students or people who have just finished schoolbecause flats are usually expensiveAnd m   86    is not the only reason for having a roommateSharing a flat can be fun

But life with a roommate can also be a t   87    experience.Some experts(专家)did a study of college students who shared a roomThey found that students who had problems with their roommates were not happy at school and were more likely to get sick than other studentsSohow can you l   88    with a roommate and enjoy it? Here is some advice:


Being roommates with a friend can be hard. Friends may be different when you stay with them all the time from when you don’t see them very o   89   Sobefore you plan to share a room with a frienddiscuss the situation carefully

If you decide to share a room with someone you don’t know,talk to each otherIt’s important to be h   90    about your habits and things you hate

When you move in with a roommate,make rulesDecide how you will share h   91   such as cleaningwashing and shoppingWill you share food? Is it OK to have guests? And what about loud music?

    Don’t get angry at small things that your roommate does.Try to f   92    the unhappy things between you and your roommateNo one — including you — is perfect




D.  Answer the questions(根据短文内容回答下列问题)(12)

I sometimes get up at three or four in the morning to surf the Intern”

I check my e-mail almost forty times a day

I seldom spend less than three hours each time on the net.”

spend more time in chat rooms than with my 'real-life’ friends


Do you know any people like these? They are part of a new addiction(瘾) called Internet addictionAccording to expertsInternet addicts()spend at least thirty to forty hours online every weekThey lose control of the time they spend on the Internet

    For example,one college student was missing for several daysHis friends were worried and 1ooked for him everywhere but couldn’t find himThey called the policeThe police found the student in the computer lab: he was surfing the Internet — for seven days straight

    A study shows that about six to ten percent of Internet users become addicted.The teenager spend more time on the Internet than with friends and family. That’s why some experts worry most about young people  

Is “surfing the Internet” a hobby or all addiction for you? You may have a problem if you have one of the following symptoms(症状)

★You go out with your friends less and less.

★You can’t wait to get online again.

★You’ve decided to spend a short time online,but then you spend several hours

★You do not go to important family events or you do not do school projects because you like to spend hours on the Internet.

What is the solution? Some experts suggest that people set strict limits on their time for Internet use. You have to learn to control it,or the Internet would control you

93.How many hours does an Internet addict spend online every week according to experts?

94.Where was the missing college student found?

95.Why do some experts worry most about young people?

96.What is one symptom of Internet addiction?

97.How can Internet addicts solve their problem?

98.What might be the title of this passage? (In no more than TEN words)



VIIWriting(作文) (20)

99.Write at least 60 words about the topic “How to protect myself”(以“如何保护自己为题,写一篇不少于60个词的短文,标点符号不占格。)

提示:  自我保护是青少年需要掌握的重要技能。请谈谈你在生活中怎样进行自我保护(         结合生活中的某一个情景或具体事例,如:面对灾难如何自救,如何预防受骗或侵          害,如何避免生活中的意外,等等)


Phrases for reference(以下短语仅供参考)

        ask…for help               calm down

        in danger               prevent...from






















Part I

I. A1F  2C  3D  4A  5B  6E

    B7B  8D  9B  10A  11A  12D  13A  14C  15C  16B

    C17F 18T 19F  20F  21T  22F  23T

D24pretty    25dance    26fifteen15    27easily    28Brother

29.rest        30Sunday


Part II

II.    31D   32B   33A   34D  35C  36C  37A  38B  39A  40D

    41.A  42C  43A  44C  45B  46B  47C   48D   49D  50B

III.51C      52A  53D  54F  55B  56E  57I       58G

IV.59flowers     60sixth           61herself     62successful

    63.unhealthy    64correctly      65building    66change

V.67doesn’t plan   68How far      69were destroyed

    70.sothat        71at last    72How amazing    73who was


Part III

VI.A 74C  75D  76B  77D    78C      79A

    B 80C  81B  82A  83B    84D      85A

    C 86money   87terrible        881ive    89often

        90.honest      91housework   92forget


    93.At least 30 to 40(hours)

    94.In the computer lab

    95.Because they spend more time on the Internet than with friends and family

    96.You go out with your friends less and less/You can’t wait to get online again/You’ve    decided to spend a short time onlinebut then you spend several hours./ You don’t go to    family events or do school projects because you like to spend hours on the Internet

97.By setting strict limits on their time for Interact use./They can set strict limits on their    time for Internet use

    98.Internet Addiction/Learn to control Internet use(Any reasonable answers acceptable)






    (1) 答案不符合要求。

    (2) 答案超过一个(特殊要求除外)

    (3) 答案模棱两可或模糊不清。

2. VI大题(C)篇和(D)篇,可视答案的错误程度分层扣分。

3. 大题(D)篇问答题,如所填答案与本答案有异,但符合上下文意思,且语法、拼写正确,则应给分。

4. 写作评分标准:

(一)    内容:



(二)    语言:









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