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1. The ----of mass literacy coincided with the first industrial revolution; in turn, the new expansion in literacy, as well as cheaper printing, helped to nurture the----of popular literature.
(A) building.. mistrust
(B) reappearance.. display
(C) receipt.. source
(D) selection.. influence
(E) emergence.. rise

2. Although ancient tools were----preserved, enough have survived to allow us to demonstrate an occasionally interrupted but generally----progress through prehistory.
(A) partially.. noticeable
(B) superficially.. necessary
(C) unwittingly.. documented
(D) rarely.. continual
(E) needlessly.. incessant

3. In part of the Arctic, the land grades into the landfast ice so----that you can walk off the coast and not know you are over the hidden sea.
(A) permanently
(B) imperceptibly
(C) irregularly
(D) precariously
(E) slightly

4. Kagan maintains that an infant's reactions to its first stressful experiences are part of a natural process of development, not harbingers of childhood unhappiness or ----signs of adolescent anxiety.
(A) prophetic
(B) normal
(C) monotonous
(D) virtual
(E) typical

5. An investigation that is----can occasionally yield new facts, even notable ones, but typically the appearance of such facts is the result of a search in a definite direction.
(A) timely
(B) unguided
(C) consistent
(D) uncomplicated
(E) subjective

6. Like many eighteenth-century scholars who lived by cultivating those in power, Winckelmann neglected to neutralize, by some -----gesture of comradeship, the resentment his peers were bound to feel because of his----the high and mighty.
(A) quixotic.. intrigue with
(B) enigmatic.. familiarity with
(C) propitiatory.. involvement with
(D) salutary.. questioning of
(E) unfeigned.. sympathy for

7. In a----society that worships efficiency, it is difficult for a sensitive and idealistic person to make the kinds of----decisions that alone spell success as it is defined by such a society.
(A) bureaucratic.. edifying
(B) pragmatic.. hardheaded
(C) rational.. well-intentioned
(D) competitive.. evenhanded
(E) modern.. dysfunctional

答案揭晓: E A B C A D B

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