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1. Her----should not be confused with miserliness; as long as I have known her, she has always been willing to assist those who are in need.
(A) intemperance
(B) intolerance
(C) apprehension
(D) diffidence
(E) frugality

2. Natural selection tends to eliminate genes that cause inherited diseases, acting most strongly against the most severe diseases; consequently, hereditary diseases that are----would be expected to be very----, but, surprisingly, they are not.
(A) lethal.. rare
(B) untreated.. dangerous
(C) unusual.. refractory
(D) new.. perplexing
(E) widespread.. acute

3. Unfortunately, his damaging attacks on the ramifications of the economic policy have been----by his wholehearted acceptance of that policy's underlying assumptions.
(A) supplemented
(B) undermined
(C) wasted
(D) diverted
(E) redeemed

4. During the opera's most famous aria the tempo chosen by the orchestra's conductor seemed----, without necessary relation to what had gone before.
(A) tedious
(B) melodious
(C) capricious
(D) compelling
(E) cautious

5. In the machinelike world of classical physics, the human intellect appears----, since the mechanical nature of classical physics does not ----creative reasoning, the very ability that had made the formulation of classical principles possible.
(A) anomalous.. allow for
(B) abstract.. speak to
(C) anachronistic.. deny
(D) enduring.. value
(E) contradictory.. exclude

6. During the 1960's assessments of the family shifted remarkably, from general endorsement of it as a worthwhile, stable institution to widespread----it as an oppressive and bankrupt one whose----was both imminent and welcome.
(A) flight from.. restitution
(B) fascination with.. corruption
(C) rejection of.. vogue
(D) censure of.. dissolution
(E) relinquishment of.. ascent

7. Documenting science's----philosophy would be----, since it is almost axiomatic that many philosophers use scientific concepts as the foundations for their speculations.
(A) distrust of.. elementary
(B) influence on.. superfluous
(C) reliance on.. inappropriate
(D) dependence on.. difficult
(E) differences from.. impossible

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