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Section 7
1. Clearly refuting skeptics, researchers have---- not only that gravitational radiation exists but that it also does exactly what theory----it should do.
(A) doubted.. warranted
(B) estimated.. accepted
(C) demonstrated.. predicted
(D) assumed.. deduced
(E) supposed.. asserted

2. Sponsors of the bill were----because there was no opposition to it within the legislature until after the measure had been signed into law.
(A) unreliable
(B) well-intentioned
(C) persistent
(D) relieved
(E) detained

3. The paradoxical aspect of the myths about Demeter, when we consider the predominant image of her as a tranquil and serene goddess, is her----search for her daughter.
(A) extended
(B) agitated
(C) comprehensive
(D) motiveless
(E) heartless

4. Yellow fever, the disease that killed 4,000 philadelphians in 1793, and so----Memphis, Tennessee, that the city lost its charter, has reappeared after nearly two decades in----in the Western Hemisphere.
(A) terrorized.. contention
(B) ravaged.. secret
(C) disabled.. quarantine
(D) corrupted.. quiescence
(E) decimated.. abeyance

5. Although----, almost self-effacing in his private life, he displays in his plays and essays a strong----publicity and controversy.
(A) conventional.. interest in
(B) monotonous.. reliance on
(C) shy.. aversion toward
(D) retiring.. penchant for
(E) evasive.. impatience with

6. Comparatively few rock musicians are willing to laugh at themselves, although a hint of----can boost sales of video clips very nicely.
(A) self-deprecation
(B) congeniality
(C) cynicism
(D) embarrassment
(E) self-doubt

7. Parts of seventeenth-century Chinese pleasure gardens were not necessarily intended to look----; they were designed expressly to evoke the agreeable melancholy resulting from a sense of the ----of natural beauty and human glory.
(A) beautiful.. immutability
(B) cheerful.. transistorizes
(C) colorful.. abstractness
(D) luxuriant.. simplicity


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