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1. Since it is now----to build the complex central processing unit of a computer on a single silicon chip using photolithography and chemical etching, it seems plausible that other miniature structures might be fabricated in---- ways.
(A) unprecedented.. undiscovered
(B) difficult.. related
(C) permitted.. unique
(D) mandatory.. congruent
(E) routine.. similar

2. Given the evidence of Egyptian and Babylonian----later Greek civilization, it would be incorrect to view the work of Greek scientists as an entirely independent creation.
(A) disdain for
(B) imitation of
(C) ambivalence about
(D) deference to
(E) influence on

3. Laws do not ensure social order since laws can always be----, which makes them----unless the authorities have the will and the power to detect and punish wrongdoing.
(A) contested.. provisional
(B) circumvented.. antiquated
(C) repealed.. vulnerable
(D) violated.. ineffective
(E) modified.. unstable

4. Since she believed him to be both candid and trustworthy, she refused to consider the possibility that his statement had been----.
(A) irrelevant
(B) facetious
(C) mistaken
(D) critical
(E) insincere

5. Ironically, the party leaders encountered no greater----their efforts to build a progressive party than the----of the progressives already elected to the legislature.
(A) support for.. advocacy
(B) threat to.. promise
(C) benefit from.. success
(D) obstacle to.. resistance
(E) praise for.. reputation

6. It is strange how words shape our thoughts and trap us at the bottom of deeply----canyons of thinking, their imprisoning sides carved out by the----of past usage.
(A) cleaved.. eruptions
(B) rooted.. flood
(C) incised.. river
(D) ridged.. ocean
(E) notched.. mountains

7. That his intransigence in making decisions---- no open disagreement from any quarter was well known; thus, clever subordinates learned the art of----their opinions in casual remarks.
(A) elicited.. quashing
(B) engendered.. recasting
(C) brooked.. intimating
(D) embodied.. instigating
(E) forbore.. emending



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