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Section 9
1. Created to serve as perfectly as possible their workaday----, the wooden storage boxes made in America's Shaker communities are now---- for their beauty.
(A) environment.. accepted
(B) owners.. employed
(C) function.. valued
(D) reality.. transformed
(E) image.. seen

2. In order to----her theory that the reactions are ----, the scientist conducted many experiments, all of which showed that the heat of the first reaction is more than twice that of the second.
(A) support.. different
(B) comprehend.. constant
(C) evaluate.. concentrated
(D) capture.. valuable
(E) demonstrate.. problematic

3. The sheer bulk of data from the mass media seems to overpower us and drive us to---- accounts for an easily and readily digestible portion of news.
(A) insular
(B) investigative
(C) synoptic
(D) subjective
(E) sensational

4. William James lacked the usual----death; writing to his dying father, he spoke without---- about the old man's impending death.
(A) longing for.. regret
(B) awe of.. inhibition
(C) curiosity about.. rancor
(D) apprehension of.. eloquence
(E) anticipation of.. commiseration

5. Current data suggest that, although----states between fear and aggression exist, fear and aggression are as distinct physiologically as they are psychologically.
(A) simultaneous
(B) serious
(C) exceptional
(D) partial
(E) transitional

6. It is ironic that a critic of such overwhelming vanity now suffers from a measure of the oblivion to which he was forever----others, in the end, all his----has only worked aginst him
(A) dedicating.. self-procession
(B) leading.. self-righteousness
(C) consigning.. self-adulation
(D) relegating.. self-sacrifice
(E) condemning.. self-analysis

7. Famous among job seekers for its----, the company, quite apart from generous salaries, bestowed on its executives annual bonuses and such----as low-interest home mortgages and company cars.
(A) magnanimity.. reparations
(B) inventiveness.. benefits
(C) largesse.. perquisites
(D) discernment.. prerogatives
(E) altruism.. credits


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