My First English Novel(一)

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My First English Novel


 It’s nearly 12:58 at night .But May still didn’t want to fall asleep. The things that happened today were too much that her brain couldn’t work well. And that reminded her that her stupid brother ----Kay, who always stayed calm and told her whatever anything happens, be clever. But May really didn’t like him. He was the greatest at home and even at school.

“Just don’t think about it,”May told herself, “Don’t think about it!”

She closed her eyes and finally fell asleep.

“Hey! Wake up body!” A familiar voice called. May opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was her brother, standing beside the bed, singing songs loudly.

“Ah! Stop it! Our mother was dead, our father disappeared but what are you doing? Do you have no feeling?” The music stopped. Kay said nothing a long time, then he shouted:“What do you mean I didn’t? Do you think a puppet?”

“I’m sorry to tell you, but yes I did!” May slapped down her bed, she opened the door and got down stairs into the kitchen. Nothing, none. ”Dad had taken everything away! ” she shouted to Kay.

“Well, then it is good he didn’t take our school bags.” Kay called back.

“Yeh, great.”May muttered.

Bong-bong-bong. Kay bounced down stairs carrying two schoolbags. He threw one onto the table,“Time for school!”

The school bus had arrived just in time. The door opened with no order.“Come on, kids, step into the school bus!” Miss D said. The teacher let them into the bus quickly. May and Kay found their seats. Set beside her, was her old friend——Richel·Grace. She was eating her never will done breakfast. No wonder she was so fat. “Hey, want some Chicken Drumsticks?” May tried to smile, “No, thank you.” Her stomach grumbled, but she wasn’t hungry, not at all, how could she be hungry when her parents suddenly vanished and didn’t left anything? Why not even a letter?



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