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On the issue of maple trees not growing out west (which is not true, according to the government: “At least one of the ten species (of maple) grows naturally in every province.”), this woman had a solution: rabbits and pine trees.


“British Columbia and the Northwest Territories don’t have any (maple trees). I am not saying my views are perfect because they probably aren't but in my opinion they are. The flags I drew are on another page. I picked the rabbit or hare and the pine tree because these two things are all over all Canada.”


There was no Google Image search in June 1964, but this Victoria woman was resourceful.


 “Every【不确定是原信笔误还是网络文章的问题】 since the Flag design has been in the news, I had an idea a Beaver would be very appropriate, upon a Maple leaf — regardless of color. But I never seemed to be able to find a picture of a beaver — Just came across this on a cheap folding fan, picture crude, yes, but it carries my ideas, so thought I would send it along.”


Fans weren’t the only objects sent in. This Toronto woman knitted a flag for Prime Minister Pearson and explained her yarn selection on reverse.


 “1. Blue for the many water ways in our Great Country. 2. Sand, for the vastness of our great lands in our Domain. 3. Green, for the trees and forests that we are very proud of. Join the Maple Leaf & Fleur de Lis as joining hands in Unity.”

1. 蓝色代表我们伟大的祖国有很多水道。2. 浅棕色,代表我们宏伟领土的辽阔。3. 绿色,代表我们引以为豪的树木森林。枫叶和百合花相连代表携手团结一致。”【这官方的口吻让我想起默写国旗的含义的日子】

Canadians used what they had at the ready — including cooking materials.


 “With nothing more on hand than some cake coloring this morning, I used it to the best advantage to depict an idea that some of your artists with an open mind could probably translate into a design that few, if any, Canadians would object to, because the encircled maple leaf appears on all our boys gravemarkers overseas,” wrote this Surrey woman in May 1964.


If you don’t have cake colouring — rake a few leaves.


It seems the nation’s productivity was affected by the flag debate.


 “Yesterday's newspaper headlines compelled me to leave my vacuum cleaner sitting in the hall and the ironing waiting in its plastic bag, while I made an effort to develop a more interesting flag (if we must have one) than the one under debate,” wrote a woman from London, Ont.


Even people who disagreed were polite — and rather funny — about it, like this Vancouver woman.


 “I am sorry to say that I dislike your flag, However, I dislike even more, the flag with the single, red, maple leaf and red boarders (sic). It looks like a beer lable (sic) … I hope you will notice how the maple leaf looks like a maple leaf. The colours are also blue, white and gold. The French Canadians could not possibly disagree with the combination as their own crest is gold and white.”


OK. So not everyone was polite.


 “Dear sir don't be Gypsy Junkey, this is the way I would like are (sic) Canada flag to look. Red background and just one great big golden leaf. And no — any other junk,” wrote this man in May 1964.



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