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不由自主脑补起Money~ Money ~Money~





  • Americans, like people in other countries, always want more money. One way they express this is by protesting that their jobs do not pay enough.
  • 美国人和其他国家的人一样,总想拥有更多金钱。他们表达的一种方式是抗议工资太低了。
  • A common expression is, "I am working for chickenfeed." It means working for very little money.
  • 常用的一句话是“我为chickenfeed工作”,意思是为了微不足道的钱而工作。
  • The expression probably began because seeds fed to chickens made people think of small change.
  • 这一表达可能源于鸡食会令人们想到零钱
  • Small change means metal coins of not much value, like nickels which are worth five cents.
  • 零钱就是那种不值钱的金属钱币,比如面值5美分的镍币。
  • An early use of the word chickenfeed appeared in an American publication in nineteen thirty.
  • 这个词的早期用法出现在20世纪30年代美国出版业
  • It told about a rich man and his son. Word expert Mitford Mathews says it read, "I'll bet neither the kid nor his father ever saw a nickel or a dime.
  • 讲述了一个富人和他的儿子的故事。文字专家密第福特·马修斯说: “我打赌这个男孩和他的父亲都没见过一角或五分的硬币
  • They would not have been interested in such chickenfeed."
  • 他们不会在意这种小钱。
  • Chickenfeed also has another interesting meaning known to history experts and World War Two spies and soldiers.
  • 历史学专家及二战的间谍和士兵来说,Chickenfeed还有其他有趣的意思。
  • Spy expert Henry S.A. Becket writes that some German spies working in London during the war also worked for the British.
  • 间谍专家亨利·S.A.贝肯特记述,潜伏于伦敦的一些二战德国间谍同时为英国工作。
  • The British government had to make the Germans believe their spies were working.
  • 英国政府得让德国人相信他们的间谍在正常工作。
  • So, British officials gave them mostly false information. It was called chickenfeed.
  • 所以英国官方故意向他们发出消息,这一行为被称为chickenfeed
  • The same person who protests that he is working for chickenfeed may also say, "I am working for peanuts." She means she is working for a small amount of money.
  • 那些抗议他们在为鸡食而工作的人还可以说:“我在为花生而工作。”意思也是为了小钱工作。
  • It is a very different meaning from the main one in the dictionary. That meaning is small nuts that grow on a plant.
  • 这一意思与字典中主要词条的意思非常不同,即指某种植物上结出的小坚果。
  • No one knows for sure how a word for something to eat also came to mean something very small. But, a peanut is a very small food.
  • 没人确切知道,一个本意为吃的东西的词是如何发展成渺小之意的。但是,花生是很小的食物。
  • The expression is an old one. Word expert Mitford Mathews says that as early as eighteen fifty-four, an American publication used the words peanut agitators.
  • 这一表达历史悠久。文字专家密第福特·马修斯说,早在1854年,一家美国出版社就使用过“卑鄙的煽动者”这个词汇。
  • That meant political troublemakers who did not have a lot of support.
  • 用来指那些得不到支持的政治捣乱者。
  • Another reason for the saying about working for peanuts may be linked to elephants.
  • 关于“working for peanuts”这一说法的另一个原因可能跟大象有关。
  • Think of how elephants are paid for their work in the circus.
  • 想想大象为马戏团工作获得的是什么报酬吧。
  • They receive food, not money. One of the foods they like best is peanuts.
  • 他们得到食物,而不是钱。其中一种它们最喜欢的食物就是花生。
  • When you add the word gallery to the word peanut you have the name of an area in an American theater.
  • “gallery”和“peanut”组合在一起,就是一个在美国剧院中表示地点位置的名词
  • A gallery is a high seating area or balcony above the main floor.
  • “gallery”是位于主层之上的边座或顶层楼座。
  • The peanut gallery got its name because it is the part of the theater most distant from where the show takes place.
  • 之所以称为“peanut gallery”是因为它是离舞台最远的区域。
  • So, peanut gallery tickets usually cost less than other tickets. People pay a small amount of money for them.
  • 因此,顶层楼座的票价比其他票价都低,人们花很少的钱就能买到。
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