Family Album USA 12-3

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The next morning. Grandpa is in John Marchetta’s office. He is waiting for Mr. Marchetta to enter.
Grandpa: Hi. I‘m Malcolm Stewart. Marchetta: John Marchetta. Sit down, sit down.
Grandpa: Susan has told me a great deal about you. She says you‘re quite a man. Marchetta: She says a lot of wonderful things about you too, Mr. Stewart. Grandpa: That‘s always nice to hear, Mr. Marchetta.
Marchetta: Call me John. May I call you Malcolm? [Grandpa nods.]
Marchetta: Let‘s talk business. Grandpa: That‘s music to my ears. Marchetta: I understand you used to be in the construction business.
Grandpa: Yup. Forty-three years. Here‘s a brief description of forty-three years of on-the-job training. [He gives Mr. Marchetta
his résumé.]
Marchetta: That is some history! You‘re a valuable asset, Malcolm. Very valuable. Grandpa: Thank you. Yup, forty-three years. Half that time in my own construction company. Big jobs—factories, shopping malls. That kind of thing.
Marchetta: Then you retired.
Grandpa: Yes. After my wife died, and I felt I should spend more time with my children and grandchildren. I lived in Florida, and they lived in New York.
Marchetta: I understand. My daughter Cami lives in New York. I like being near her. Grandpa: When I came here, I planned to take a few months off. Relax with the family and then look for some work. Put my experience on the line. But, unfortunately, there isn‘t any work for a retired person my age.
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