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The world is getting smaller, but the chances of having an extraordinary new experience are only increasing. We'veidentified 50 standout destinations, based on industry news and trends, with input from contributing writers, A-List travel agents, and our new local experts. These are the places changing the travel map, whether it's an emerging arts hub in Germany or a quiet stretch of sand in the Caribbean. Here are five of them. Read on for our picks, and join the conversation with best places 2015.世界对于我们来说正变得越来越小,但拥有非凡体验的机会则越来越多。根据专业旅行作家、一流旅游社和当地专家提供的综合咨询和行业趋势,我们挑选了50个超棒的旅游目的地。不管是德国新兴的艺术中心,还是加勒比海静静的沙滩,他们正在改变着人们的旅行路线。这里举出50个目的地中的5个,一起来浏览我们精心为您挑选的旅游圣地,并加入到2015最棒目的地大讨论中来吧。

Fez, Morocco非斯,摩洛哥

Fez, about 240 miles northeast from Marrakesh, a sophisticated scene is taking root slowly, quietly. It started with expats and locals restoring riads, and continues as hotels, restaurants, and galleries pop up. The biggest news is the Hotel Sahrai, with a hip rooftop bar and 50 rooms, many overlooking an infinity pool. Don’t wait to find out. This is the moment to see Fez. 非斯,大约位于马拉喀什以北240英里,一幅五彩斑斓的美景圣地正在慢慢地、悄悄地兴起。最初这里只有外来移民和当地人兴建的阁楼,后来这里有了宾馆、饭店,高楼大厦也不断涌现出来。最让人兴奋的是萨赫莱酒店的开业,这家酒店拥有50间房间,顶层咖啡吧,还有可环视四周美景的无边泳池。不要再等待了,是时候去看看非斯的美景了。

Catskills, NY卡茨基尔山,纽约

The region that welcomed Jewish families in the ’50s, hippies in the ’60s, and soon, perhaps, casino gamblers is also making room for a new tribe: hip, design-crazed travelers. A string of stylish B&Bs have opened. Among them are the bohemian-chic Hotel Dylan in Woodstock, the Arnold House in Livingston Manor, with its tavern and diminutive spa. so now is the time to enjoy fly-fishing, hiking,antiquing,microbrewery-hopping, and other placid pursuits.这里在50年代是犹太家庭的度假圣地,60年代是嬉皮士的乐园,后来是赌博者的天堂。来这里的旅游者形形色色,时髦疯狂。现在这里新开了一系列民宿客栈。包括文艺青年的最爱——伍德斯托克的迪兰宾馆;还有位于利文斯顿马诺的阿诺德宾馆,附带有小酒馆和小型水疗中心。因此,想要享受垂钓、远足、偿新、品酒或者其他愉悦体验的朋友们可以出发了。

Rotterdam, Netherlands鹿特丹,荷兰

If Amsterdam is a study in old-world elegance, then the port city of Rotterdam is all big, futuristic ambition—and its constantly unfolding city center has become one eye-popping explosion of style. The latest attraction, and reason enough to visit, is the MVRDV-designed Markthal, an igloo-like horseshoe that houses 96 stalls,20 shops, nine restaurants, and 228 apartments. It also happens to feature Holland’s largest artwork.如果说阿姆斯特丹以前是优雅的代名词,那么港口城市鹿特丹则是一座宏伟且颇具未来野心的城市——他不断延伸的中心城区发展之迅速已是让人瞠目结舌之势。而其近来最具吸引力、最值得一看的,则是由著名建筑设计事务所MVRDV设计的Markthal大型拱廊市场,其形状像一个圆顶冰屋,呈马蹄形,里面有96个货摊、20家商店、9家餐厅和228套公寓。这座建筑也是荷兰最大的艺术代表作品.

[en]Puerto Plata, D.R.普拉塔港,多米尼克

Far from the resort-clogged beaches of Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic’s less-frequented northern shore has remained largely under the radar. Puerto Plata are bound to lure well-heeled sun-seekers. First up is The Gansevoort, offering three-bedroom apartments with private pools and four-bedroom penthouses equipped with rooftop hot tubs. Later in 2015, Aman Villas will become the second Caribbean outpost from Singapore-based Amanresorts and the first golf-integrated Aman Resort.相对于布满度假村的蓬塔卡纳沙滩,多米尼克共和国北岸沙滩则很少有人光顾。这里的普拉塔港是吸引富人度假的理想目的地。首先是甘希沃特度假村,提供带有私人泳池的3人套房和带有屋顶热水浴池的四人顶层套房。2015年,新加坡阿曼集团和第一高尔夫综合度假村拥有的阿曼别墅将会成为加勒比海第二大度假村。

Chengdu, China 成都,中国

Famous for its 1,600 pandas, most of which still live in the wild, Chengdu has introduced a 72-hour no-visa policy that makes it easier for Americans to drop in on one of the city’s three major panda research facilities. But it’s worth sticking around longer to experience what’s doing in Chengdu, a city on the rise. One of the shiniest attractions is New Century Global Centre, the world’s largest building, complete with an artificial beach.因拥有1600只大熊猫(其中大部分仍生活在野外)而闻名的成都现在对美国公民实行72小时免签停留,这对于想要在成都短暂停留观赏大熊猫的美国旅客带来了很多便利。但是除此之外,正在兴起的成都还有很多值得让你停留更久的理由。其中最具吸引力的便是新世纪环球中心,世界最大建筑,且配有人工沙滩。

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