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Part 1. Basic information. 

Full name?

What can I call you?

--You may call me Chen, or Elsie. 

Where are you come from?

--I come from China. My hometown is Hefei city, which is the capital city of Anhui Province. 

N.B. 2-3 sentences in answering part 1. Instead of answring "I come form China" only, Simon suggests to add one more sentence to explain more about our hometown. 


What are you doing now? Are you working or studying?

--At this stage, I am still studying...

What are you studying now?

--I am doing Master of Teaching, for early years.

Do you like what you are doing now? What is interested you the most?

--I love my study! The most interesting part of it is to be placed in workplace. Then, I have more opportunities to practice, and to be trained as a kindergarten teacher for the furture. 

What do you think of your teachers and students?

--key point: they are friendly/ creative/ critical thinking

What do you think of math? 

--I am speechless with my math. (流泪回答,终于可以用上这句话了) But I believe math learning is not about numbers only. Math is a kind of language, and the more important is to develop a logical thinking. 

How do you teach math?

--As I mentioned before, math learning is not only about numbers, so I would teach how to think logically through various activities. 

Do you use calculator in math learning?

--No. I am not using devices in learning math. And I don't think children should use it at such a young age. 

Do you like reading when you were a child?

--Yes, I love reading. 

What kind of story you like to read when you were a child?

--Well, I love read a wide range of stories when I were a little. 

Have you keep children's book now?



--My parents and I have moved many times, and we throw these books. What a pity! 

Part 2 & 3: historical building 

Part 2. Describe a historical building.

--where is it?

--what are the purposes of the building?

--why you visited it?

Main ideas: 

--a historical museum in my hometown

--over 100 years

--the main functions of the building is to educate people about history of my hometown; collect valuable stuff. 

--visited twice. One, with my whole family, coz my parents want to educate local history to me. The 2nd time, with my friends, coz I want to introduce these knowledge to others. 

N.B. a sample answer has been provided by Simon at his blog!!!

Part 3. 

Why governments repair historical buildings? Is it important? 

--It is very important! these historical building are presented a nation/country. When you think about a country, and you've never been there before, the first thing in your mind is the historical building. For example, when you think about China, you may think about the Great Wall. These historical buildings are symbol.  

Who do you think should spend money on repair buildings? Government or indivdiuals?

Should governments spend money on people, or buildings?

--It depends. I think capital should be spent on people, but if these buildings have history, the government should take care of it(them). 

Why do people want to visit historical buildings? 

--want to know more history

less historical building in China? 

--Yes. I guess people would like to live in a modern and new society. That's why the governments reconstruct old buildings.  


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