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Right in the middle of Teacher Appreciation Week-which we'll talk about in a few minutes-we're happy to have you watching CNN STUDENT NEWS. I'm Carl Azuz. 谢师周已经过去了一半,今天的节目我们会用几分钟时间为你带来相关报道。欢迎收看CNN学生新闻,我是卡尔·阿祖兹。

First up, what the White House is calling an attempted terrorist attack on U.S.soil. 我们首先为你报道的是白宫宣称美国本土遭遇恐怖袭击。

Both of them had assault rifles, came around the back of the car and started shooting at the police car.  恐怖分子配备突击步枪,躲在车后向警车射击。

The police officer in that car began returning fire and struck both men, taking them down. 车内的警察随即予以反击并将恐怖分子击毙。

This happened on Sunday night, outside a controversial event in Garland, Texas. 这件事发生在周日的晚上,当时德克萨斯加兰正在举行一场颇受争议的活动。

People had gathered in the convention center for an event that featured cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed.  人们聚集到这里参加先知穆罕默德漫画展。

Drawing Mohammed is highly offensive to many Muslims. 而对先知穆罕默德进行涂鸦是对许多穆斯林的侵犯。

The two gunmen who attacked police at the convention center were the only ones killed. 在会展中心袭警的2名持枪男子是唯一被击毙的恐怖分子。

They're believed to be Islamic extremists and the ISIS terrorist group said it was responsible for the attack. U.S. officials are trying to figure out how involved ISIS was. 他们被认为是伊斯兰极端恐怖分子,并且极端恐怖组织“ISIS”称对此事件负责。美国官员正在试图找出该恐怖组织参与此事的线索。

Next story today, Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, on Tuesday. He's the first U.S. secretary of state ever to go there. He was scheduled to meet with a number of Somali leaders.  我们接下来关注国务卿约翰·克里于周二抵达索马里首都摩加迪沙。他是第一次出访那个国家的美国国务卿。他将与许多索马里领导人会晤。

The country has a history of clan warfare, violent and terrorism.But the Obama administration hopes that the Somalian government's work to improve security will take hold. 这个国家有着部族战争,暴力和恐怖主义的历史。但是,奥巴马政府希望索马里政府努力提升安全。

From Secretary Kerry's address to the Somalian people. 这从克里部长对索马里人民的讲话就可以看出。

The federal government is now working with the new regional administrations to enhance stability and sow the seeds of prosperity and every part of Somalia. 联邦政府目前正在与新的地区政府合作加强稳定并为索马里的每个地区埋下繁荣的种子。

Last weekend, North Korea gave CNN exclusive access to interview a man accused of illegally entering the communist country.  上周,朝鲜为CNN提供独家权利采访被指控非法进入共产主义国家的一名男子。

Twenty-one-year-old Won Moon Joo is a South Korean citizen who's a permanent resident of the U.S. He's a student at New York University who took a semester off.  21岁的朱元文是一名获得美国永久居住权的韩国公民,他在纽约大学刚刚读完一个学期。

Joo says curiosity led him to North Korea and that he entered the country illegally from China, hoping to get arrested. 朱表示好奇心驱使他来到朝鲜,他从中国非法进入这个国家后希望被逮捕。

But I thought that some great event could happen, and hopefully, that event could have a good effect in the relations between the North and South.  但我认为可能会发生一些伟大的事情,希望这件事能有助于改善南北两国的关系。

Joo says he's not sure exactly what kind of event he'd hope for. He says he's willing to accept any punishment which could include prison time.  朱表示他也不知道究竟希望什么样的事件。他愿接受包括服刑在内的任何惩罚。

But he hopes that the North Korean will let him go home. 但他希望朝鲜能让他回家。

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