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Many people turn to their horoscope for advice on their love life.很多人靠占星术寻求关于爱情的建议。

Now, one astrologer claims a person's star sign can influence which diet will work best for them.现在,一位占星家表明星座能决定什么样的饮食对一个人来说是最有好处的。

From warning Taureans to avoid sugar to encouraging Libras to eat more potassium, Gillian Knowles, astrologer for Healthista.com, explains how the stars can guide a slimmer to success.从警告金牛座避免摄入糖分到鼓励天秤座摄取更多钾,Healthista网站的占星家吉莉安·诺尔斯解释了星象如何指导人减肥成功。

ARIES (March 21-April 19)白羊座(3月21日4月19日

If you were born under the sign of the ram, you can be impulsive, enjoy starting new projects and are capable of pushing yourself to the limits.如果你出生在公羊星象下,你容易冲动、喜欢做新的项目、能够逼着自己达到极限。

This means you are likely to start a new eating regimen without too much planning.这意味着你可能没怎么提前计划就开始新的饮食养生法。

Rather than saying ‘I can’t face that’, you prefer to say ‘I can’.你不会说:“我做不到”,而更喜欢说:“我行。”

Naturally, you expect results quite quickly and may lose interest unless the benefits become apparent.很自然地,你期待迅速看到结果。除非好处很明显,否则你可能会失去兴趣。

A good idea would be to go into competition with someone else, as the urge to win might spur you on to do your very best.你最好和别人竞赛,因为渴求成功的欲望可能会驱使你做到最好。

Tip: Focus on proteins rather than carbohydrates. The part of the body relating to Aries is the brain - and amino acids from protein feed the brain.小贴士:主要摄取蛋白质,而不是碳水化合物。白羊座掌管大脑,而蛋白质中的氨基酸可以为大脑补充营养。

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)金牛座(4月20日5月20日

There’s no getting away from the fact that Taureans love to eat, so starvation diets could make you feel deprived and pretty miserable.事实上,金牛们都爱吃,所以饥饿减肥法会使你感觉缺乏营养,很痛苦。

I suggest that you keep the diet full of tasty but healthy food and lay the table creatively so that it looks good when you sit down to eat.我建议你的饮食应该都是美味健康的食物,餐具摆放得要有创意,因此当你坐下吃饭时一切都看起来很棒。

Remind yourself that a healthy diet can give you as much pleasure as a rich one (if you could find a space to grow some home-grown salad or veggies that would be even better). 时刻提醒你自己健康饮食会使你感觉像变成有钱人了一样快乐(如果你能找到地方种一些家产莴苣或蔬菜就更好了)。

Once you get started your famous tenacity and perseverance will surface and you will not give easily.一旦你开始发挥你那出了名的的不屈不挠的精神,你的耐力就开始显现,就不会轻易做出让步。

Tip: Avoid sugar and over-rich foods, as Taureans are prone to weight problems.小贴士:避免摄入糖分和脂肪含量过高的食物,因为金牛们容易在体重上出问题。

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)双子座(5月21日6月21日

Being born under the sign of the twins means that you like to do at least two things at once, so a diet combined with an exercise programme would be ideal for you.出生在双子座的星象下意味着你喜欢至少同时做两件事,所以节食搭配锻炼可能对你来说是很完美的。

As you are generally active and on the go, you are likely to burn off calories pretty quickly.因为你通常很活跃,总是忙忙碌碌的,你的热量能消耗得很快。

Your main challenges are to stick to the diet you have chosen rather than flitting off to try a different one after a couple of days.你主要的挑战是要坚持你选择的饮食方式,而不是吃几天就换样。

You also need to allow yourself enough time to sit down and eat a balanced meal, rather than eating standing up because you are in a hurry.你也需要给自己充足的时间坐下来,享用均衡的饮食,而不是站着匆匆吃完。

Beware of the temptation to talk about your new regime rather than actually doing it!注意不要总是嘴上说要用什么新的养生方法而事实上却光说不做。

Tip: Avoid fast-foods. The part of the body relating to Gemini is the hands and nervous system.小贴士:不要吃快餐。双子座掌管的是手和神经系统。

Geminis must take time to eat nutritious food in a relaxed way, to help to balance their nerves.双子座的人必须要花时间悠闲自在地吃有营养的食物,以促使神经系统得到平衡。

CANCER (June 22-July 22)巨蟹座(6月22日7月22日

No-one comfort eats quite like a crab. This is the sign of the nurturer and of course food and nutrition are all part of being nourished and cared for.没有什么人比巨蟹座更享受吃这件事了。这就是营养的标志,当然食物和营养就体现了有营养、有人照顾。

You are likely to use food to help you to deal with painful emotions and so the attitude you take towards a diet is important.你可能会用食物来帮你安抚痛苦的情绪,所以你对待饮食的态度非常重要。

Think of planning a new health regime as being a way to love and nurture yourself, rather than as a deprivation.计划好一种新的养生方法来关爱鼓励你自己,而不要觉着它剥夺了你的时间和精力。

There may be a temptation to have a secret little store of non-diet goodies to dip into - but you know that would not be taking your real needs into consideration.你可能禁不住诱惑存了点饭后美味去享用,但你知道那不是你真正需要的。

Tip: Avoid unhealthy food you ate in childhood.小贴士:不要吃儿时的那些垃圾食品。

The parts of the body relating to Cancerians are the breasts and stomach.巨蟹座掌管的是胸部和胃。

These people need to avoid the urge to comfort eat to suppress emotions and to avoid digestive disorders.巨蟹们需要控制用吃饭来安抚情绪的欲望,以避免消化系统紊乱。

LEO (July 23-August 22)狮子座(7月23日8月22日

It’s important for Leos to feel good about themselves - and diet is best seen as a way of achieving this.对于狮子座的人来说自我感觉良好非常重要,饮食就是获得良好自我感觉的最好方法。

Your spontaneity and confidence enable you to adopt a new healthy eating plan brimming with ideas and enthusiasm and your strength of character helps you to stick to the regime.你的自发性和自信使你能够接受一个充满想法和热情的、新的健康饮食计划,你的坚强可以帮你坚持下去。

You thrive on appreciation and acclaim and so get your biggest fan to give you positive feedback on how well you are doing and how much better you look.你渴望欣赏和称赞,所以让最欣赏你的人给你积极的反馈,评价你做得多好、看起来比从前好多少。

Ignore anyone who makes fun of your efforts or criticises your abstinence.不要在乎那些嘲笑你的努力或者批评你的节制的人。

Tip: Replace carb-loaded sauces with light marinades.小贴士:用清淡的腌汁替代富含碳水化合物的酱料。

VIRGO (August 23-September 22)处女座(8月23日9月22日

Making lists is something Virgoans are very good at as you are practical and methodical in your approach.处女座非常善于列清单,因为你做事情很实际、很有条理。

Your diet is very important to you at all times but if you are embarking on a special dietary regime, keep a food journal, plan everything you are intending to eat by listing its nutritional value and benefits to your health.饮食总是对你很重要,但如果你正在开始采用一种特殊的养生方法,列出各种食物的营养价值和对身体的好处,据此做好食品分类,并对你打算吃的所有东西做好计划。

The ‘quickie get results in a week’ type of diet is not for you as you are discerning and want to reach beyond easy solutions.“一周见效”的那种节食方法不适合你,因为你眼光敏锐,不喜欢用那么容易的方法来解决问题。

You also have an innate awareness of the connection between your mind and your body.你对思想和身体之间的联系也有一种天生的意识。

The difficulty for you will be your tendency to try to do everything perfectly.你的难题就是一切都要追求完美。

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip up.出差错了也不要对自己太严苛。

Tip: Go organic to avoid allergies. Virgo rules the skin, which is often prone to allergies, and so these people need to avoid additives or pesticides in their food.小贴士:吃有机食品以避免过敏。处女座掌管的是皮肤,经常容易过敏,所以处女座的人要避免吃有添加剂和杀虫剂的食物。

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