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On Travelling Places

在第二章--旅行中的特定场所,Alain de Botton指向了旅途中容易引发我们思索的地带:高速公路加油站、机场、飞机和火车。我们很少能够在游玩参观景点,亦或在尽享小吃美食时观望自我的内在想法和需求,而这些内在的探索和新奇的观点往往诞生在旅途的起点或者终点,以及承载我们的交通工具上。而波德莱尔和霍珀皆流连于这些场所,前者留下了众多浪漫抒情的诗歌,后者则描绘了大量孤独疏离的作品。



There was, apart from the motorway, no road linking the service station to other places, no footpath even; it seemed not to belong to the city, nor to the country either, but rather to some third, travellers’ realm, like a lighthouse at the edge of the ocean.

注:realm: a domain in which something is dominant领土,领地



When feeling sad at home, I have often boarded a train or airport bus and gone to Heathrow, where, from an observation gallery in Terminal 2 or from the top floor of the Renaissance Hotel along the north runway, I have drawn comfort from the sight of the ceaseless landing and take-off of aircraft.

注:Heathrow: 希思罗机场(位于英国伦敦)

Terminal: 航空站,航空终点站

Renaissance Hotel: 万丽酒店

ceaseless: uninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuing 不停的,不断的



There is psychological pleasure in this take-off too, for the swiftness of the plane’s ascent is an exemplary symbol of transformation. The display of power can inspire us to imagine analogous, decisive shifts in our own lives; to imagine that we too might one day surge above much that now loomsover us.

注:ascent: a movement upward 上升;升高

exemplary: worthy of imitation典范的

analogous: similar or equivalent in some respects though otherwise dissimilar相似的,类似的,可比拟的

loom: come into view indistinctly, often threateningly赫然耸现;迫在眉睫



Of all modes of transport, the train is perhaps the best aid to thought: the views have none of the potential monotony of those on a ship or plane, they move fast enough for us not to get exasperated but slowly enough to allow us to identify objects.

注:monotony : the quality of wearisome constancy, routine, and lack of variety单调,干燥

exasperated: greatly annoyed; out of patience 恼怒的,没有耐性的



Baudelaire admired not only the places of departure and arrival, but also the machines of motion, in particular ocean-going ships. He wrote of ‘the profoundand mysterious charm that arises from looking at a ship’.

注:profound: showing intellectual penetration or emotional depths; from the depths of your being深邃的;深厚的



Loneliness is the dominant theme. Hopper’s figures seem far from home; they sit or stand alone, looking at a letter on the edge of a hotel bed or drinking in a bar, they gaze out of the window of a moving train or read a book in a hotel lobby. Their faces are vulnerable and introspective. They have perhaps just left someone or been left; they are in search of work, sex or company, adrift in transient places. It is often night and through the window lie the darkness and threat of the open country or of a strange city.

注:dominant: exercising influence or control占优势的;统治的,支配的;突出的

vulnerable: capable of being wounded or hurt易受伤的,脆弱的

introspective: given to examining own sensory and perceptual experiences反省的;内省的

adrift: aimlessly drifting漂泊的

transient: one who stays for only a short time短暂的;路过的;临时的




(PS:抱歉,节目晚了一点点,因为英文文本和中文翻译都是我打上去,然后反复核对确认无误,所以花费不少时间精力。从上期节目发现大家还是很喜欢Alain de Botton的,译者的翻译也博得喝彩,但我觉得大家的翻译也各有千秋呢,期待筒子们这一期的翻译∩_∩)




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