【150524】: Xi welcomes Japan delegation

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因为想考翻译证,最近很喜欢看China Daily,也很喜欢把China Daily中颇有意思的新闻抄录下来练笔。




Please write down your wild guess on words below, and check it out after you finish reading news.




Xi welcomes Japan delegation but warns against historical distortion

President Xi Jinping extended a warm welcome to an unusually large Japanese delegation in Beijing on Saturday while also sending a warning against to any attempt to distort Japan's wartime history.

The delegation of about 3,000 people, headed by a heavyweight figure from Japan's ruling party, marks the largest mission between the two countries since the relationship became frosty in September 2012.

Xi made the remarks during a high profile event aiming at expanding China-Japan exchanges at the Great Hall of the People.

The root of China-Japan friendship comes from the public, and the future of the relationship is in the hands of the people, Xi said at the ceremony in downtown Beijing.

China attaches great importance to the relationship and would like to work with the Japanese side to promote friendly neighborhood and cooperation, based on the four political documents between the two countries, he said.

The delegation that arrived in Beijing on Friday included heads of local governments and big enterprises. It is widely seen as the latest sign of thawing relations between China and Japan, dealings that have been hit by territorial rows and historical issues.

Xi said this year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, and the war's victims, including China, will never accept words and actions by the Japanese side that distort history.

Toshihiro Nikai, head of the delegation and chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party's General Council, said all the members joined the delegation voluntarily.

He underscored the importance of increasing mutual understanding between both countries' younger generations, pledging to work with the Chinese side for the relationship's development.

Tourism chilled after the Japanese government illegally "purchased" China's Diaoyu Islands in September 2012.

In 2013, the number of Chinese tourists to Japan had dropped 6.5 percent year on year to 1.83 million. The number has surged recently, with more than 2.4 million Chinese tourists visiting Japan last year.

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I would like to show my respect to Japanese people, since they are industrious, courteous and  sometimes friendly, especially when you are talking with them on delicious foods. Haha~

But I don't like their governors, especially those who always turn a blind eye to the wartime history and take it as a weapon to attack its victim neighbours. Sometimes, I cannot help thinking that the reason why Japan denies its atrocity during WWII is not because it is of no introspection, but is afraid of the furious blame from its people, who cannot accept the fact that their beloved country had ever committed such terrible crime which was caused by the ignorance of their former governors. 



1、What is the meaning of "thaw"?
2、What is the meaning of "dealings"?
3、What is the largest mission for the delegation?
4、What is the standpoint for President Xi in the meeting with the delegation?


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