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Parental reality show “Where is the father,” the third quarter of 10 evening premiere five star dad adorable baby group debut. Mixed baby(混血宝宝) which promise a handsome face than plus funny character, big Biao ground gas verse full of humor. But father Liu Ye, but because of his son show impatience, more violence in the chamber Quiz Chuaimen, eye-popping(adj. 令人瞠目的) performance.

Netease Entertainment July 11 report (text / Mandy) Parental reality show “Where is the father,” the evening of July 10 in the third quarter return of Hunan Satellite TV, the first season of Star Dad adorable baby arrived in the village of Yulin form hollow three Days and nights of the trip, Liu Ye Liu promise a father and son, Hu Jun Hu Haokang his son, and his son Lin Yongjian Linda Jun, Zou Shiming Zou Mingxuan and his son, daughter Xia Keli summer debut(初次登台). Mixed baby promise than a handsome face plus funny character, big Biao ground gas verse full of humor. But father Liu Ye, but because of his son show impatience, more violence in the chamber Quiz Chuaimen, eye-popping performance.

Promise a funny face value than victory father Liu Ye violence Chuaimen provoke controversy

“Dad 3″ debut of five children, had rarely appeared in public view, compared with the previous two quarters of the children, the five child's personality is more prominent(adj.突出的,显著的). Where Liu Ye's son Liu promise in one season by the highest attention to children before the program launch is considered adorable baby face value this season among the play, but the promise of a first phase of the first show, but impressive Yen value is not high, but its outgoing and funny than personality. Appearance on the international promise a full range of children's character with Westerners, others like it hot, a meeting is necessary to send hugs and kisses to offer, just arrived in the village to form hollow and Linda Jun Wang Yang, Xuan Xuan became good friends. And he opened his mouth to come, “Northeast sub-ballast taste”(这难道就是刘烨口中的“东北大碴子味儿”) in Mandarin and is very down to earth(哈哈,同志们,你们应该知道“很接地气”肿么翻译了吧~~), all the time humming the “most unusual national wind” from Hey people laugh. Snow in the car a conversation with his father, more cerebral hole wide open to compile the “Goddess of Mercy Let me talk to you would one day”(菩萨让你多陪我聊天) In this case, Liu Ye also patted his head speechless. Some netizens commented: “obviously you can rely on funny face chosen to fight than it really is Liu Ye's son.”

Although inherited the father's funny than the qualities, but a promise is very optimistic heart, in the election to “the history of the worst” house, comforted Liu Ye “This is particularly good”(这段小编真要看哭了有木有,住最差的房子还要安慰爸爸) in the father “Desperate” paralysis when the kang , promise to help a self-improvement for cooking, but unfortunately made caves are full of smoke, smoked out of their own, did not forget to make a knife “My eyes a bit ‘blind'”, so to earth mixed race adorable baby funny compared to Liu Ye can not parry.

But compared to the promise of a proactive, as the star of Liu Ye is clearly not enough competent in the father role in the program group arrangements and son alone with a one-hour small test, Liu Ye avatar juvenile addiction, despite a promise how approached have been intently staring at the phone, face of his son’s noisy also showed impatience look. Program group after being locked for some time, irritability Liu Ye is in front of his son Chuaimen out of violence, eye-popping. After the broadcast of this behavior it caused no small controversy, someone may say that the behavior of Liu Ye, “pink turn passers,” there are users saying that “no father ignored the children too poor, distressed promise a” netizen directly in China fire Agency Comments Liu Ye, urged its “down the phone, spend more time with the children.”

In addition, this year for seven years as a season of oldest adorable baby in the program to switch seamlessly(adv. 无缝地) between cold and warm high male temperament, so my father Hu Jun also shouted accident. Kankan cool handsome appearance(冷酷的外表,霸道总裁有木有→ →) all the time to maintain calm and indifferent “high cold, president of” expression, a promise met approached rub baby face hug is still calm, do not jump, even if the other kids tease him together also rock solid, demure little.  It looks like most of the village cadres, and even the mayor of Hu Jun Li Rui could not help but joked:. “Your son too much fun” and Hu Jun is self-deprecating, said:. “I am the son watching a pair dislike expression”

But in the game, Kankan performed what Dad Hu Jun surprise. High cold exterior of Kankan has a pair of warm-hearted, his program after the end of each session often busy busy east west, quietly helping the staff clean up the props, turned the little box comes with medical doctors still in the game when the game, see It was worn on the hand to the front immediately silently handed bandage, Lu Yu episode link to find ingredients, Kankan to finally got all the ingredients to the other adorable baby, warm heart forbear temperament surprising action moving, and afterwards that the circumstances of the accident and Hu Jun is moved: “He loves to help people, help people, when not to say, are a direct to do,” he says exactly what they appreciate his son's manhood(n. 男子气概). Some users said that if that is sprouting Raisin Kankan baby version of “why Chen.”

Compared to the 7-year-old Kankan mature heart-warming, only 4 years old Zou Shiming son is a first-class players of sell Meng. An explosive Curly(爆炸头) plus rotund body face, along with the father wearing a coat spend an appearance on the very Latin style(拉丁style). To “eat” fond , the mayor ordered the Shanghai Stock Exchange at the moment there are snacks crying incessantly, before I opened various Ruanmoyingpao rob, let Zou Shiming dumbfounding.

Moreover, before the first program of concern, Liu Ye Hu Jun “Lan Yu CP”(你们懂得~!), but in the first phase of the program is and summer this small CP robbed mirror, Zou Mingxuan first saw the little princess summer was attracted to , willing and became Huhuashizhe full guard, let Zou Shiming helpless Tucao “With objects forgotten father.”

“Where is the father,” the first station in the third quarter came to Yulin, five groups of family-depth experience of the Loess Plateau of the characteristics of folk, dancing, live cave, do flower bun, interaction with the villagers, playing the whole day. A village four hundred people percussion adorable baby for the father who held a welcoming ceremony for everyone to see massive perplexing, but soon joined the home team Yangko dancing together “cross twist”, follow the rhythm Yaotouhuangnao look very cute.

In the first phase of the program, a unique natural landscape and northern Shaanxi folk customs has become a major part of the program. Faced program group provides specialty “goat house”, “corn room”, “broom room(小诺一选哒)”, “face conservatory”, “paper cutting room” Five houses, Dad and adorable baby who react differently, check local characteristics of residential feel also vary. In addition to live cave, in “Where is the father,” the classic link dad cook, and five father was also a wide range of northern cuisine stumped. Northern Shaanxi characteristics when making face, Liu Ye put a butt to sit on the surface of the tool make Hele “Chuangzai” crushed, hilarious. But to his son to eat, Liu Ye first big cook making bread is obtained overwhelmingly elected as the best, full of a sense of unstoppable Joseph Liu Ye smile. Boxing champion(拳击冠军) Zou Shiming Zou Mingxuan and his son also created “boxing and face Law”, resorted to brute force to beat the dough for a while, Xuan Xuan chubby face drum became buns. Lin Yongjian is not good at cooking rush, the son of Linda Jun disservice like a big scoop of water poured into the dough and instantly became the “mud” and let Lin Yongjian dumbfounding. Great finish last bear children did not forget to laugh at her father: “You look like” little man like people laughing.


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