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The “Golden Hour”

Successful people often talk about the “Golden Hour”, which is the first hour after you wake up in the morning. According to this article from the National Institutes of Health, while we are asleep, our brains are hard at work de-cluttering and detoxifying themselves. This means that our brains are at their best right after we wake up, when they’re squeaky-clean from the night’s mental hygiene activities. Successful people have discovered that the “Golden Hour” is the best time of day to prepare ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually for the upcoming day.

The 21-Day Mental Diet

Technically I’m not “successful” yet…but I figured, if I ACT like a successful person, sooner or later I’ll BE a successful person, and in the meantime, I’ll FEEL like a successful person. Which, since none of these practices cost anything except some discipline and a couple hours of sleep, is pretty much a win-win, if you ask me.

It was while I was looking up “how successful people think” that I stumbled onto Brian Tracy’s 21-Day Mental Diet. And guess what? It includes several of the practices mentioned in articles on what successful people do before breakfast. Imagine that! I am currently on day seven of this mental diet, and let me tell you, doing these has really brought a new sense of focus and productivity to my days — which is a tough thing to do when one doesn’t have regular office hours.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you do on this mental diet:


1. Wake up early – Most top executives get up in the morning at 6:00 AM — at the latest! I get up around 5:00 AM most days.

1. 起床早---大部分企业高管每天早晨最晚6点半就起床!我每天大概5点钟起床。

2. Exercise –  While Brian Tracy suggests doing any physical exercise before mental exercise, I usually have to wait until later in the day to do any physical exercise because of schedule limitations.

2. 运动---博恩.崔西建议人们每天在进行精神运动前进行身体运动,可以是任何形式的身体运动。由于我的时间表限制,我不得不把身体运动转移到每天晚些时候进行。

3. Read motivational, inspirational or educational material for 30-60 minutes.Personally, I love the Abraham-Hicks material, which really gets my mind and spirit soaring for the day. Other favorites include the books by Wallace D. Wattles, (The Science of Getting Rich) or any of the other New Thought authors. There is a tremendous wealth of free reading material available in the public domain. If you like audio books, look to librivox.org, or for visual reading, check out this New Thought online reading list.

3. 阅读激励性、启发性或教育性的材料30到60分钟。坦白说,我个人钟爱亚伯拉罕.希克斯的文章,它会使我未来一天的思绪和精神高涨。其它喜欢的内容有华莱士.沃特尔斯的,(如《致富的科学》)或其它新思想的作家。公共资源中有很多免费的阅读材料。如果你喜欢听有声书,可以看看librivox.org这个网站,或者是视频阅读,试试新思想在线阅读书单。

4. Write down your top 10-15 life goals. There is tremendous power in the act of writing, so yes, actually get out a pen and a notebook (What are those?) and physically write these down. Use first-person, present-tense language: “I am making ___ dollars a year; I weigh ___ pounds; I drive a ___ car, I have ___ friends”, and so on. And don’t look back at your goals from the day before. By the way, this is a LOT of fun!

4. 写下10到15个人生目标。写的力量不可估量,所以,拿起一支笔和一个笔记本(准备要写什么?),然后写下来。用第一人称,现在进行时:“我每年赚多少美金;我现在体重多少磅;我开什么车,我有多少朋友,诸如此类。然后不要看当天之前的目标。顺便提一下,这么做很有趣!

5. Write down everything you need to do that day. Again, yes, use a real pen and a notebook. Seriously. Organize this list according to priority, starting with the one thing you most want to get done that day.

5. 写下所有你当天需要做的事。另外强调,要用真正的比和笔记本。严格的说,将待办事项清单排出优先顺序,从你当天最想要完成的事情开始排序。

6. Begin immediately to work on the biggest, most important task of the day. If you can finish this project while your mind is still fresh, it won’t loom over you and worry you for the rest of the day.

6. 马上开始着手当天最重大最重要的任务。如果你能在头脑上海清醒的状态前完成这个项目,那么接下来的一天你都不用再担心此事。

7. Spend quality time with family/connect with spouses. My husband and I usually sit and talk over our plans for the day over morning coffee while we’re petting the dogs.

7. 和家人有效高质的互动。我和我老公经常在早晨和咖啡时,一边拍着狗狗,一边讨论当天的计划。

8. Network with coworkers, clients, or friends over coffee. Early morning or breakfast meetings tend to be more productive in the mornings–because guess what? Everyone else’s brain is clearer, too!

8. 在喝咖啡时与同事,客户或朋友社交。早晨的晨会或早餐会议似乎更加有效率---因为你猜怎么着?此时大家每个人的大脑都更加清醒!

9. Read the news. Find out the problems in the world so that we can figure out ways to solve them!

9. 读新闻。发现世界正在发生的问题,然后也许我们能找到方法解决它们!

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