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Aldous Huxley was a most unfortunate man.When he died in 1963 he must have expired in the confident belief that the event would be given wide coverage in the press the next day.After all,his career had not been without distinction.Where he made his big mistake was in dying on the same day that John F.Kennedy was assassinated.As a result Huxley got about three column inches at the bottom of page 27.

  In the same way the death of Victor Farris has gone widely unnoticed because he foolishly shuffled off this mortal coil at the same time as Mr.Konstantin Chernenko.Now,as you all know,Victor Farris was the chap who invented the paper clip.The paper milk carton too.And paper clips and milk cartons will be in use long after everyone has forgotten the name of the comrade who came between Andropov and whatever this new bloke is called.

  『The same goes for the inventor of the supermarket trolley who died in Switzerland a few months ago.』①Fell off his trolley,so to speak.『For all I know,he may be a household name in his own canton and they are putting up a statue of home wheeling his trolley,and are going to commemorate him on one of those ever-so-tasteful Swiss postage stamps we used to collect when we were younger and wiser,』②but I doubt if his name will be remembered outside the borders of his small country.Personally I forgot it within minutes of reading of his decease.

  Not that it matters.Somehow it is hard to imagine things like paper clips and supermarket trolleys having had a named inventor.It’s like discovering that at a particular moment of history a particular person invented the spoon,or the chair, or socks.One assumes that these everyday objects just happened,or evolved through natural selection.

  It isn’t necessarily so.I read only the other day that Richard Ⅱ invented the handkerchief.Almost everything else was invented either by Leonardo da Vinci(scissors,bicycles,helicopters,and probably spoons,socks and the Rubik cube as well)or by Benjamin Franklin(lightning-conductor,rocking-chair,bifocals)or else by Joseph Stalin(television).

  It’s quite possible that Leonardo or Benjamin Franklin or Stalin also invented the supermarket trolley.Certainly it has been invented more than once.Hardly was Herr Edelweiss(or whatever the Swiss chap was called)in his grave,than news came of the death of Sylvan N.Goodman at the age of 86.Sylvan also invented the supermarket trolley or,as the Los Angeles Times report calls it,the shopping cart.

  Be that as it may,Herr Edelweiss or Sylvan Goodman,or both,did a grand job and made supermarket shopping far less hellish than it would otherwise be.The next step will be to get the trolleys out of the shops and into the streets.You could put an engine in the front and call it a car.Or give it big wheels and a canopy and call it a pram.The possibilities are endless.
点击查看大图 点击查看大图OK,文章的大概意思都看懂了么?下面让我们做两道题来试试吧~

~O(∩_∩)O~, 订阅节目戳这里哦~~~ PS.往期节目还没做的亲,点我进入节目单,奖励照发哦~~~\(≧▽≦)/~~~


1、It can be inferred from the passage that Herr Edelweiss
2、What can be inferred about Aldous Huxley?


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