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The Football Code

Football is an aggresive, rugged contact sport. Only the highest standards of sportsmanship and conduct are expected of players, coaches and others associated with the game. There is no place for unfail tactics, unsportsmanlike conduct or maneuvers deliberately designed to inflict injury. The American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Code of Ethics states:

The Football Code shall be an integral part of this code of ethics and should be carefully read and observed. To gain an advantage by circumvention or disregard for the rules brands a coach or player as unfit to be associated with football.

Through the years, the rules committee has endeavored by rule and appropriate penalty to prohibit all forms of unnecessary roughness, unfair tactics and upsportsmanlike conduct. But rules alone cannot accomplish this end. Only the continued best efforts of coaches, players, officials and all friends of the game can preserve the high ethical standards that the pulic has a right to expect in America's foremost collegiate sport. Therefore, as a guide to players, coaches, officials and others responsible for the welfare of the game, the committee publishes the following code: 

Coaching Ethics

Deliberatly teaching players to violate the rules is indfensible. The coaching of intentional holding, beating the ball, illegal shifting, feigning injury, interference, illegal forward passing or intentional roughing will break down rather than aid in the building of the character of players. Such instruction is not only unfair to one's opponent but is demoralizing to the players entrusted to a coach's care and has no place in a game that is an integral part of an educational program.

Taking to Officials

When an official imposes a penalty or makes a decision, he simply is doing his duty as he sees it. It is on the field to uphold the integrity of the game of football, and his decisions are final and conclusive and should be accepted by players and coaches.



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1、 To gain an advantage by circumvention...brands a coach or player as unfit to be associated with football. Here "circumvention" means...
2、From the passage we know that the coaching of intentional roughing...
3、When an official imposes a penalty, the decision is based on...
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