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                The West has begun to take more notice of the East. The fifth volume of an enormous
work re-assessing the Chinese contribution to science and technology is to be published next
year. The first volume, which was published twenty years ago, set the tone for the whole work. 
In it, evidence was given to show that many inventions which, until then, western historians had
claimed for Europe, were made first in China. The attempt to rewrite the intellectual history of 
the world was not received without protest by some reputable historians. However, the evidence
that has been presented so far in the first four volumes has persuaded many historians who were
skeptical at first. China’s invention of paper, printing, the magnetic compass and gunpowder
have never been disputed, but this new history has added advanced bridge design, mechanical
clocks, paddle boats and many other inventions to the list.

                In the four volumes published so far no attempt has been made to explain why China
has not kept up with the West in the science and technology in modern times. It is probable 
that the answer is to be found in the social and economic history of China, where a static 
society under a relatively benevolent regime of scholar-gentry contrasts with the potentially
revolutionary and dynamic society of the West at the end of the Middle Ages. In recent years, 
the present regime in China has been making every effort to catch up with the West again, 
and there is little doubt that the gap is being reduced year by year. But will China avoid the
West’s mistakes?


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1、In Line 10, the word skeptical means_____.
2、In the first volume__________.
3、The best title for this passage is ______.
4、Which of the following is not mentioned in the passage?
5、Which of the following statements is true?
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