绝望罗勒 (布丁小葵) 资深达人
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Geary enjoyed crowded. This crowd at the bottom end of the platform, though small, seemed disquietly full of purpose. It had obviously come together to do something, even if only to stare. Geary climbed the steps leading up to the bridge which spanned the top end of the station. He decided to walk right over to the far end and come down the platform at the other side. In that way, he could keep well away from that small, scuffling(混乱的)crowd. As Geary went up the stage, the chief cameraman asked Adrian Swarthmore, "Do you want us to go on filming?" "No, hold it," said Swarthmore. "We'll get some more shots later. Can we have a telescopic lens for the next lot?" "What are you doing?" one of the onlookers(旁观者)asked. "Just talking some pictures of the station," said Swarthmore. "Routine film background." The crowd began to melt away now that filming had stopped. The chief cameraman consulted briefly to his crew. "There he is," said Swarthmore suddenly. "Now, look, he's coming back down that platform on the far side." "If you want that shot(镜头), we can get the telescopics on him right away from here." "Yes, I do, I do." As Geary reached the foyer(休息处)end of the platform, he looked across and saw that the object around which the crowd had clustered was a film camera. Its lens was pointed in his direction and as far as he could tell it was in action at that moment. He quickened his pace, not because he had any idea that he himself was the camera's target, but because he instinctively(本能地) distrusted anything in publicity.


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1、Why did Geary walk away from the crowd?
2、The crowd broke up because____.
3、What did Swarthmore indicate to the chief cameraman?
4、Why did Geary start walking faster?
5、What was the camera crew doing when Geary started going up the steps?
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