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Tonight is a particuar honor for me, let's face it; my presence on stage is pretty unlikely.

My father was a foreign student, born and raised in a sma vilage in Kenya. He grew up herding goats, and went to school in a tin-roof shack. His father, my grandfather, was a cook, a domestic servant to British. But my grandfather had lager dreams for his son. Through hard work and perseverance my father got a scholarship to study in a magical place: America that shone as a beacon of freedom and opportunity to so many who had come before. While studying here, my father met my mother. She was born in a town on the other side of the world . Her father was an oil rigs and a farm worker through most of the depression. The day after Pearl Harbor, my grandfather joined Patton's army, marching across Europe.

Back home, my grandmother raised a baby and went to work on a bomber assemby line. After the war, they studied on the GI Bill, bought a house through FHA, and later moved to west , all the way to Hawaii, in search of opportunity.

An they, too, had big dreams for their daughter a common dream, born of two continents. My parents shared not only an improbable love; they shared an abiding fith in the possiblities of this nation.

They would give me a African name , Barack, or "blessed" believing that in a tolerant America your name is no barrier to success.

They imagined me going to the best schools in the land, even though they weren't rich, because in a generous America you don't have to achieve your potential.

They are both passed away now. Yet, I know that, on this night, they look down on me with great pride.


eagerly/satisfy/awkwardness/acquaintance/expanatory/uneasiness/merit/more expensive/reasonable

Her daughters were eagerly called to partake of her joy. Jane resoutely kept her place at the table; but Elizabeth, to satisfy her mother, went to the window-she looked, -she saw Mr. Darcy with him, and sat down again by her sister.

"There is a gentleman with him, mamma,"said Kitty;"who can it be?""Some acquaintance or other , my dear, I suppose; I am sure I do not know."

"La!"replied Kitty, "it looks just like that man that used to be with him before. Mr. what's-his-name. That tall proud man."

"Good gracious!Mr. Darcy!-and so it does, I vow. Well, any friend of Mr. Bing ley's wil always be welcome here, to be sure; but else I must say that I hate the very sight of him."

Jane looked at Elizabeth with surprise and concern. She knew but little of their meeting in Derby shire, and therefore felt for the awkwardness which must attend her sister, in seeing him almost for the first time after receiving his expanatory letter. Both sisters were uncomfortable enough. Each felt for the other, and of couse for themselves; and their mother talked on, of her dislike of Mr. Darcy, and her resolution to be civil to him only as Mr. Bingley's friend, without being heard by either of them. But Elizabeth had sources of uneasiness which could not be suspected by Jane, to whom she had never yet had courage to shew Mrs. Gardiner's letter, or to relate her own change of sentiment towards him. To Jane, he could be only a man whose proposals she had refused, and whose merit she had undervalued; but to her own more extensive information, he was the person to whom the whole family were indebted for the first of benefits, and whom she regarded herself with an interest, if not quite so tender, at least as reasonable and just as what Jane felt for Bingley.

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