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Chinese health care company, Tiens, sent over 6000 employees on a trip to France to ceebrate its 20th birthday last weekend. In addition to becoming the largest tour group to visit the country , the group, dressed in matching hats and T shirts, set a Guinness World Record. Whie in Nice, they used their bodies to spe out the argest human sentence:Tiens'Dream Is Nice In The Cote D'Azur. The Chinese company spent 15 million dollars on the all-expenses-paid trip, which included a private tour of The Louvre.


The advertising people see while at the movies is ess effective when audiences eat popcorn. This is the concusion of a newly-published study from Germany's Cologue University. According to researchers, people remember the names of new brands or products by silently pronouncing them in their brains. However, with a mouth full of popcorn, this process is interrupted. The report is titled "Popcorn in the Cinema: Oral Interference Sabotages Advertising Effects". It describes how the chewing action interferes with the brain's "inner speech" that operates whenever we come across a new name. Researchers say: "This happens covertly, that is, without our awareness." 

Researcher Sascha Topolinski invited 96 people to watch a movie. Half of the group was given popcorn, while the rest received a small sugar cube. A week later, the participants were asked to rate a series of product names than those who at popcorn. Mr Toponlinski said:"The mundane activity of eating popcorn made participants immune to the pervasive effects of advertising." He added:"This finding suggests that seeing candy in cinemas actually undermines advertising." This presents cinema owners with a diemma. There is usually a 900% mark-up on popcorn sold in movie theaters.

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