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1. Sugar 糖

The idea that eating too much sugar is bad for you isn’t anything new, but
eating a lot of sugar over an extended period of time causes neurological
problems. High consumption of sugar affects your memory and your ability to
learn. Also, too much sugar in your blood slows down your brain cells’ use of
insulin to break down sugar to aid in processing thoughts and emotions, leading
to a decrease in brain activity. This information is daunting because the
average American consumes 47 pounds of sugar annually. You should try to limit
you sugar intake, including high-fructose corn syrup and high-carb foods.


2. Salt 盐
Aside from affecting your heart rate and blood
pressure, salt affects your cognitive functioning. Adding raw salt to your food
is worse than cooking it with salt. Not only does salt impair your ability to
think, but it also causes many other problems such as cardiovascular disease,
cancer and stroke. Try to consume salt in moderation.


3. Junk Food 垃圾食品

Potato chips, soda, burgers and fries. It all sounds so tasty, but junk food
is addictive, and addiction is a matter of the brain. It turns out that the
cessation of eating junk food triggers symptoms similar to withdrawal,
depression and anxiety. The fats in junk food impart the creation of dopamine in
the brain. Dopamine plays a role in giving you an overall feeling of well-being,
learning, alertness, memory, cognitive function and motivation. When everyone
told you not to eat junk food or it will rot your brain when you were a kid, it
turns out they weren’t kidding. In fact, consuming high amounts of junk food for
an extended period of time can lead to memory loss, and in some cases,
Alzheimer’s disease.


4. Fried Food 油炸食物

Fried food is kind of implied under junk food. However, there are still
healthy foods that, when fried, become unhealthy. For instance, eating fish has
many health benefits, but eating fried fish is unhealthy. The same goes for
other fried food like chicken. Stay smart by opting for non-fried foods.


5. Artificial Sweeteners 人工甜味剂

Artificial sweeteners drain your brain power. Consuming too many artificial
sweeteners slows your brain response, effectively making you dumber. Items that
contain artificial sweeteners, other than packet food, include mouthwash,
toothpaste, cough syrup and chewable vitamins. Also, consuming high quantities
of artificial sweeteners for an extended period of time causes brain damage.


6. Trans Fats 反式脂肪

Researchers who conducted the Oregon Brain Aging Study found that the
consumption of trans fats is linked to brain shrinkage. The study examined 104
adult over the age of 65 and tested the subjects for the consumption of 30
nutrients over time. The findings show that those with high trans fat diets had
brain shrinkage similar to people who have Alzheimer’s Disease.


7. Precooked and Processed Foods 半加工和加工食品

Precooked and processed foods contain harmful chemicals that make you dumber.
Preservatives, additives, dyes and artificial flavors are some examples of the
chemicals in these foods that affect your behavior and cognitive functioning.
Consuming large quantities of processed foods over a lifetime slowly destroys
your nerve cells and causes your brain to shrink.


8. Nicotine 尼古丁

Having nicotine in your bloodstream causes the capillaries between your blood
vessels to constrict, which affects the function of neurotransmitters and,
ultimately, brain function. The cessation of nicotine intake causes a brain fog,
and this causes nicotine users to develop dependency.


9. Alcohol 酒

Consuming alcohol causes a mental cloud of confusion that has several
effects. First, alcohol use is a liver killer. Also, the consumption of alcohol
lowers your ability to think clearly and to recall information. If you have
trouble recalling the names of common items or can’t differentiate between
reality and your dreams, then you are likely a heavy alcohol user and need
treatment. Fortunately, these symptoms are reversible if you stop consuming
alcohol or limit your consumption to two drinks or less a week.


10. Tofu 豆腐

This last one is surprising, because tofu is generally regarded as a healthy
food. However, research from Loughborough University and Oxford suggests that
tofu can be harmful if consumed in large quantities. The two universities
conducted a study that looked at 700 participants between the ages of 52 and 98.
The results show that those who consumed a lot of tofu were more at risk for
memory loss. It hasn’t been proven, but researchers suspect it is the
phytoestrogens in tofu that are responsible.


These are 10 foods that make you dumber. Other than these foods to avoid, you
should also avoid becoming dehydrated. A lack of water also causes brain
shrinkage and affects memory, focus and decision-making. So eat smart, drink
your water and maybe then you could pass for being smarter than a moron.


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